A Walk Through Bunny Land


Master Pravus and me have been enjoying going for our evening walks again.  Some walks are shorter than others, and we go by me as for the length.  What I mean is, if I’m not lightheaded we just keep going (unless there’s a time constraint or Master Pravus has other plans).  During the day, I go out on one loop around our building per hour.  It isn’t much but it is helping me regain some muscle and stamina.


Master Pravus loves the walks especially for “bunny hunting.”  No, we don’t shoot bunnies..  Well, maybe with the camera!  See that top picture?  That’s the part of the path we take that has the most bunnies in it.  Master Pravus jokingly calls it “bunny town.”  It’s very pretty on its own, but there is a transformer (not pictured) that most of the baby bunnies congregate under.  When we get to this part of the path, he likes to count how many bunnies are out!  If we are lucky, it is usually five before they get all scared and scamper off.  And, we walk super slow through this part so as to try to not startle the little things.


When I am out on my hourly walk, and Master Pravus isn’t with me, every bunny reminds me of him, because he gets so excited “hunting” them.  Hooray for bunny season!

6 thoughts on “A Walk Through Bunny Land

  1. Haha i love bunny season too!! They are all over our yard and eat the seeds under the bird feeders. When we let the dog out we just have to hope that they see the dog before he sees them, otherwise he goes running and chasing after them! The bunnies are super super fast and scram under the fence! As soon as the loudmouth dog is gone, they come right back! hehe =)

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