Porches Say A Lot About You

Since we have been enjoying quite a few more walks together, we have also started really enjoying “porch watching.”  I don’t mean spying on people or anything like that.  I just mean that you can tell a lot about someone by how they choose to decorate their porch.  As we walk we see all sorts of porches, some have laundry hanging up outside, some don’t.  Some of them are cluttered full of things as though the porch was a storage area.  Some people go to lengths to make their porch look artistic. 

There is one porch in particular that Master Pravus loves that has a grill in the front, but the grill is full of beautiful flowers and is being used as a planter!  How cute is that?  My favorite porch has a big life-sized zombie cutout in the porch door, a handicap parking sign (from the street), and an upside down Tidy Cats bucket as a stool.  Classy.

Sundays are my official “bootblacking day” again.  They used to be, but my hands were awful for so long, and I had to take forever off.  Well, I have gotten myself into a little boot “groove.”  I have my own system: put laces in to soak, wash boot (if needed), apply polish, rinse laces, hang laces up outside on the railing to dry in the sun (weather permitting).  My hands and wrists are getting much stronger because I was able to do three full pairs of boots this weekend before I ran out of time.  (And I never got too tired!  WOOT!)


At the end of the day I took this picture, because seeing all the boot laces outside gave me a happy.

“What do you think people walking by would say our porch says about us?” Master Pravus asked me.

I thought about it.  You can’t see the entire porch from this shot, but there’s not a lot out there.  There’s a Buddha statue out there (that was given to us as a present and we keep it for good luck, we are not the religious sort), an incense burner and a small table, and there’s a camping chair.  On Sundays there’s the boot laces for a little while, at least.

“That someone here really, really likes shoelaces?”

::Giggle::  Or, maybe they will know that Sunday is bootblacking day.  <3  I’m hoping for the latter, because that would mean some cool people live here.


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