I Don’t Vacuum

It isn’t that I don’t want to vacuum.  I mean, I don’t mind vacuuming at all.  I used to do it plenty, and it wasn’t an issue.  Over the last couple of years though, my wrists have become more and more of a problem, so it’s one of those things where Master Pravus doesn’t let me vacuum because it is cheaper.  Our current vacuum is big and heavy, and nine times out of ten if I try, I put a bone in my wrist out and we have to pay to have it put back in.  Not too productive, now is it?  So, we usually use vacuum time as a bit of a chance for some pet play.


“Yes, Master.”

“I’m going to vacuum so..”


Kitties don’t like the sound the vacuum makes, you see.  Serenade usually runs like mad from the vacuum, so I figure that’s the right thing to do, and so I normally do.


And, he will catch me and inevitably, tether me to the chair in the front room.


This time though, he gave me just about all the plushies in the house and tucked me in first.  I guess that tucking me in ensures I can’t escape.  Not that I ever really want to escape.  I just like getting out of the way of the noisy “carpet monster.”

So, Master Pravus did all the vacuuming and then he came over to take pictures.


“God, you look so cute sitting there playing games with your plushies,” he tells me.

Thank you, Master Pravus.  And, thank you for vacuuming to save my wrists.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Vacuum

  1. This was adorable. I love how him helping with the chores turns into fun playtime!

    Vacuuming is actually my favorite chore. I love watching things get sucked up in it. It’s instant gratification and cleanliness.

    1. @Lea Yeah, I don’t actually mind vacuuming at all. It’s just one of those things that causes me to get hurt more often than not when I do it so Master usually does it now. We have dreams of being able to afford a Roomba one day though. Lol.

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