I’ve been struggling with this blog a little bit, and I feel guilty for that.  Master Pravus has been very lenient with me over the blog since the surgery because I’m still recovering.  Everything since the surgery has gotten so much better, but my cardiologist said it would probably take two years for my POTS to get under control again, and we are nearly at the year one marker.  So, while things are so much better, yes, I do still struggle quite a bit daily with the POTS.

This past week has been relatively good though.  Nothing really awful to report.  Remember when Master Pravus had asked me to teach him to sew?  Well, we’ve been doing a bit of that every day in our spare time.  Some days we can spend an hour or so, some days ten minutes, but it has been a fun little project for us.  Master has a couple ideas for putting plushies into the Mewtique so we have been working on it together.  I’ve taught him little things like, how to thread the machine, difference between a tuck and a dart, why you have to press your seams, etc.  We’re going to eventually move up to that dress we were intending to make, but until we pay off the surgery, side projects are on the back burner.  Though, we always keep the first items of a new kind we make (every time I make a pair of ears I get to keep the first one) so it’s not like we miss out.  This place is going to become a plush kingdom soon.  As if I didn’t have enough already! LoL!

Tomorrow is the fourth of July and we have no real plans.  Master says he has a couple of little sparklers and a tank hidden away from  last year’s festivities so we will likely set those off since there is no fire ban where we live right now.  (Thank goodness, the last thing we need are more fires like last year.  Scary!)  We will grill, but we do that all the time anyway (even in the winter), that’s not a “special” thing to us.  As far as I know there are no other plans, but you never know with Master.  I’m just always greedy for more time with him, so as usual, I’ll be thrilled to have him home for an extra day this week.  Gives me extra time to suck his dick and fetch his tea, after all.  <3

The biggest thing that has really prevented me from blogging this week is maintenance.  I know how silly that will sound, but you know how last week I basically had a post up every day?  Well, it’s easier for me to blog when I’m not terrified about when people will be in the house.  This apartment has no security latch, so they just barge in.  It doesn’t matter if you’re on the toilet, if you yell “I’m COMING!” at the top of your lungs, or if you are sitting down there waiting.  They just come in.  It really stresses me out, because even though I am improving and getting healthier every single day, I just do not always have the strength at a moment’s notice to be ready, you know?  I cannot guarantee that I can just run up or down the stairs on a whim yet, and so I am getting up earlier and earlier to make sure I am showered and ready in time.  Not only that, but since the computer is upstairs I panic about being stuck up here when they come in, and having maintenance accidentally let Serenade out (they never close the damned door)!  It’s frustrating, but at least they only have one more thing to fix in the house, the downstairs sink.  So once that is done I am guessing the blog will resume its normal daily post.  Though, Master Pravus hasn’t yet told me that I have to keep up on the blog daily so if I miss a day here and there its probably due to me being low on energy.  I’m getting there though, I really am!

6 thoughts on ““I’m COMING!”

    1. Hey @fyremane. Thanks for the link. Yup! I have seen that before, many times actually. The spoon theory actually rubs me the wrong way. It’s tough to explain, but I just never really liked it all that much. Though, I completely understand how/why people use it to describe their energy. It is a cool story to help people who don’t have a chronic illness understand.

  1. I am glad to see things are slowly but surely getting better for you. I understand the thing with the door. We do own our unit but I still put the kitties in the main bedroom when we have to do maintenance, grocery deliveries and my Mother (she still thinks that the cats won’t run out while she stands at our door). They just don’t understand the life of an indoor cat do they? Grocery deliveries constantly leave our door open while they get the rest of the order. Even though we order kitty litter! Maybe you could instal something like a baby gate to keep Serenade away from the front door. It would keep her away from it long enough for you to make your way down there.

    1. @MomoNoHanna Yeah, if we owned a house (which is a dream of ours one day, we owned a condo and didn’t really like that) it would be easier because at least I could lock Serenade up in the bedroom or something when I knew they would be coming. The worse part is that maintenance here can’t even give us the day they will be here, so it is very, very frustrating. They’re really understaffed is what it all boils down to, but it’s still frustrating.

      The baby gate is a cute idea. If serenade were a puppy it would probably work like a charm. She’s a jumper though, and our stairs aren’t “enclosed.” What I mean by that is that there is a space between each stair, and Serenade likes to jump through them for fun. LOL! Love her anyway though. When she was a kitten we bought a three foot high board to block her off from Sabrina, and even then, she jumped the thing with stitches in her belly! Lol. Love her anyway though.

      1. Ahh we don’t really have condo’s here. So unit or Townhouses are our only option. Unfortunately houses in our desire living locations (close to the city because neither of us can drive) are expensive. Maybe you can put a removable sticker on the door? I used to have one for emergencies. That told emergency staff that we had cats. Maybe you can get one similar made up to tell maintenance to keep the door shut. Just a thought, I’m always on the look out for ideas to keeping our fur kids safe 🙂

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