July 4th and Other “Fun”


Before I start angrily bitching about things that are beyond my control to fix, here is a fun picture of me having a good time outside on July 4th with a sparkler.

And now, the whining:


Okay, now that I have that out of the way I’ll talk like an adult about my frustrations.  >.<  I’m just so, so pissy right now that you wouldn’t believe it.  Or, maybe you would believe it.  I mean, you’re reading this here blog anyway.  In our last installment I talked about how frustrated I was with maintenance.  This is a common issue that we have had since moving to Colorado.  This is our third apartment complex and every single one of them has had absolutely terrible maintenance.  I feel like I am spending all of my time waiting on someone or other to fix shit, and that’s not at all okay.  As I mentioned in the last post though, maintenance was down to one ticket that they needed to do, and that was the sink.  It is dripping nonstop (with water that we have to pay for), and they need to order a new fixture for it.  That was almost two weeks ago, and we have been calling and arguing with them about it every single day so that the apartment can (hopefully) get to a place of normalcy soon.

Well, we were finally at a place with that where we were just dealing with calling, etc, and not much going on.  We were trying not to stress out about it too much and just keep doing what we are doing.  (I mean, what else can you do besides stay on top of them for it?)

Sunday we were sitting at home, sewing, and having a grand old time.  I needed to use the toilet, so I got up to go to the bathroom.  I sat down on the toilet and Freon started leaking all over my arm and head.  Nice, huh?  I thought so too.  They actually managed to get maintenance out here right away (within twenty minutes), and that guy tightened the crap out of the thing.  The whole thing started hissing (don’t worry about that, it’s fine), but it was keeping the downstairs cool and we were told we could still run it.

Monday I woke up and went downstairs.  I noticed right away that it was 78* on the thermostat and that the bathroom was, again, dripping Freon.  No good.  Of course we call and bitch at the front office, who is so sorry about that.  (Right).  They’ll send someone out today, tomorrow morning at the latest, they promise.

So I sit at home all day and no one comes.  No one.  The next day, I jump out of bed to be sure I have gotten a shower in before they show up.  I wait and wait.  No one shows up until after two in the afternoon.  So great.  Thank you for calling to update us.

The man who is here says that the guy who tightened up the fittings made everything worse by doing that.  He spent almost three hours tinkering with the damned thing and running to the hardware store.  Nothing.  He says he will be back by Friday with the parts, but that this whole thing is an absolute nightmare in our ceiling and that it is at least a half a day’s worth of work.  Delightful.

The thing about the air conditioning is that, my POTS gets so much worse in the heat you wouldn’t believe.  It’s like cranking my fainting and palpitations up to eleven.  And nope, in Colorado, an air conditioner is not a requirement even in the hot weather.  (And it has gotten above 100* many times in the last week.)

So, Master Pravus decided yesterday that he was going to put all my sewing stuff (including a table) into our workout room.  Seriously.  We both get so angry because it feels like we’re constantly having to rearrange our house for maintenance.  I mean, why was this stuff not fixed when we moved in??  I guess it doesn’t matter.  There’s nothing I can do about it, and I just have to deal with it.  But, that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  And it does mean I am going to be frustrated as Hell about it.



Anyhow, here’s a picture of me sucking Master’s cock.  Cock sucking is much more fun than my compainey-ness.  But, I mean, the weekend wasn’t all bad.  It really wasn’t.  We got in lots of fun play and we had our sparklers on the fourth.  Master Pravus and Applepig even set off an explodey tank in the parking lot (lots of pavement, no trees).  So we had fun.  We got a couple scenic walks in too, which was nice.  It was a nice weekend (sans AC crap), and hey, at least for the next few days I’ll definitely be getting in a couple of blog posts.  Seeing as how I am trapped upstairs, of course.

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      1. well we had planned on having more than just the 5 of us so we bought earlier in the year and then we moved so we were stuck with a lot of sparklers that ended up unused.

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