Do You Know Which Rope This Is?


He took out an indistinct length of rope.  Actually, we have two lengths which are the generic “camel” color you see above.  One of them is a scratchy (nom) length of rope we got from Lovehoney a while back.  The other one is the violet wand reactive rope we got at Sin in the City.  While Master was tying me up, I honestly didn’t really give any thought to the type of rope he was using.  All I was thinking was:


Of course, on the outside, I was all calm, and working diligently to carry out Master’s orders.  <3  He tied me up in a leg tie as you see above, and he had incorporated a tight rope across my tummy.  My tummy is a super erogenous zone for me, and I often press down on my lower stomach when masturbating just because it feels so good.  Master likes to play with my belly too.  We hadn’t used rope in this way yet so it was really fun for me.

Master pulled out the violet wand.

“Do you know which rope this is?” he asked me.

“I do now,” I thought.  I didn’t reply though, I just grinned.  Master understood my smile to be a “yes.”

And I have to say, feeling my stomach getting shocked with the ropes was extra awesome to me.  I loved it a lot.  We had amazing sex and when I came I just sort of flopped over in my bonds, happy as a clam and not really having any desire to be released from the ropes just yet.  (Though, I almost never want to be released from rope anyway.)

Master told me that if I wanted, I could roll over and he would remove the rope.  He didn’t tell me I had to, because I think his intention was to leave me there for a few moments if I wanted.  We had no real plans for the night so we weren’t in a rush.

“I like being in the rope, Master.”  I said.  We both smiled at each other.


He told me that I could stay in ropes for the rest of the night if I wanted, and he took the ropes off my bottom half and put them on my top half.  There was extra rope (since tying my tits takes less than tying my legs), so he braided the back and I wriggled a bit and giggled about how (even though it was high up) it was sort of like a tail.  Master laughed.

“It is like a tail!” he said.

He put one of his big shirts on me (as a nightshirt) so I could go downstairs where the windows were open, and he passed the top loop of the rope through the neck hole on the shirt.  We went downstairs to relax and Master let me play a bit of video games before bed.  He kept coming over to me and pulling on my “tail” and yanking on my tits throughout the night.  It was really hot.

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