Ropey Relaxing

Master had decided that we were going to do a bit of rope after dinner, and he told me to go put something cute on.  Since the downstairs windows were open for air, I had to be dressed.


This tie he did was really neat because instead of fastening the ropes in either the front or the back he did a decorative tie down my arms.  The arm tie wasn’t particularly tight, but the chest harness was.  Every breath I took I could feel the ropes.  Deep breathing wasn’t possible, which is always half the fun.


The ropes were fastened tightly in the back, so that if the arms came undone or something, they definitely would not have just fallen apart on me.  In fact, it took several minutes to get me out of the tie when it was time to go to bed.


The ropes were pretty in the front, don’t you think?  He put me in this tie and I stayed in it for about two hours.  It was comfortable and the only thing which was really restricted was my breathing, as I mentioned that the arms were decorative.  It was comfy for playing video games, but still reminded me of my place, even doing something mundane like relaxing before bed.

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