Restraints for Bed


I’ve been going to bed with restraints on since the beginning of our relationship together.  Restraints are sexy to me (I’m a total bondage slut) and being put in them by Master is always awesome.  In the past, Master would attach (AFF) a clip or two or three to my wrists, ankles, or both.  It’s not something he has done lately though because I have lost quite a bit of muscle in my legs and have become somewhat unstable on my feet.  Waking up in the night and falling to my doom isn’t really on his excitement list.

Wearing restraints to bed also almost never happens with locks.  Problem being, I wake up alone five out of seven days per week most weeks and I’d have to be able to undo my own restraints.  (And giving me the key seems silly to us both.  Why lock restraints if your slave has the key anyway?)  As a side note, Master will sometimes bind me to the bed or lock me in restraints for a nap.  He is always home the rare times that I nap.


Due to my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome I’m starting to have issues with my back (I’m limping a lot in the mornings, etc, and we’re trying to nip the issue in the bud) which we have traced back to my sleep patterns.  The problem is, I am always moving around in my sleep and I wake up in crazy positions.  (Like, with my knee on my nose, somehow, etc.)  To remedy this, Master put a sleeping bag (which I named the “Grumble Puff”) into the bed on my side.  The sleeping bag will not allow me to move my knees higher than waist height max, so I can’t even do something stupid to myself in my sleep.  Handy right?

Well, it was handy at first, but we’re liking it a bit less.  For one, it’s super hot in the bed in the summer, let alone with a warm Grumble Puff.  For two, it doesn’t allow for much skin to skin contact, which is a downer.  So we’re playing with our options a bit.

A few days ago, Master took the shortest length of chain we have, which is roughly two feet long, and weighs a pound and a half.  That might not seem very heavy, but dangling off of your ankles, you can really feel the weight.


As far as my back is concerned, I wore this chain overnight attached to my ankles, and I didn’t wake up limping because the chains only let me move so much, which was pretty sweet.  The only issue was, see..  I pee every six seconds or so.  We’ve gotten to the point where we’ve adapted to that too, but I do have to get in and out of the bed at least a thousand times per night.  I know I was making rattle sounds with the chains when I got in and out of bed which was kind of hot. Despite my best efforts to keep the chain quiet, it still makes a lot of noise walking around.

Getting back into bed was another matter though.  The chain is so long that I was accidentally clunking it on the side of the bed (oops!) and it was really, really hard for me to tuck myself back in without help.  Fiddlesticks.  The idea itself is awesome (and prevents me from hyperextending my back), but we’re going to have to wait until we can get a chain about a half foot shorter.  Still, I do love when Master thinks of a cool bondage or kink inspired solution to a non kinky problem.

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