Batman Rope


I had gotten my pajamas on for the day, and this time they happened to be my Batman pajamas.  Master pulled out some nylon rope (so as not to snag my clothes) and he said we were going to do some ropey stuff again.  I had thought that maybe he was going to tie me in my clothes and leave me to some task like before, but not this time.

This was not a very strict tie.  My arms weren’t going anywhere unless I put some effort in to wriggle out, but I wasn’t told to try, so I didn’t.  It would have taken some effort, but I’m sure I could have done it.  The tie was firm, but mostly pretty.


While the tie was nowhere near impossible to escape, it was fun to be in, and it did make my tits look awesome.


I kneeled up and slowly scooted my knees inch by inch to move along the carpet.  Master laughed and said I looked cute trying to move in the rope.

“Where you going, Pretty Kitty?”

“Nowhere.” I smiled at him and continued inching in a little circle near where he had tied me up.  He grabbed my ropes from the front and pushed my head onto his cock.


It was fun sucking Master’s cock while still in rope.  I’ve done it before, but not from kneeling up like that.  Of course, after a while, he took the ropes off and fucked my tits.  After he came all over me, he had me keep laying down on the ground and he put a towel behind my head so I could do my neck exercise before getting in the shower.  Covered in cum is not a bad way to do my neck exercise at all.

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