Restraints for Bed Part 2


Remember this post?  I mean, it was only a couple of days ago so you probably do, if you read here much.  I had mentioned that we were going to wait until Master Pravus could procure a slightly smaller chain for bed time before tethering my legs at night.  Of course, I reported that because that is what Master Pravus told me.

Still, last night he took out the same cuffs he always puts on me for bed, only he also had attached some rope to them.  I didn’t measure the rope, but I think it is a little shorter.  It’s a lot quieter and easier to manage though.  No problems getting in and out of bed with it on to tuck myself in.  I’m not sure if this is a placeholder for when we can afford to buy another length of chain, or if this is the new “thing” but we’ll see.  Either way I’m happy.  Rope always makes me happy.  Ha ha.

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