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If you’re going to have a major bitch-fest post like this, then you should probably have the decency to report back, yeah?  Well, after calling every single day between that post and the following Wed, we had pretty much had it with the front office.  Master Pravus has a lot of vacation days/personal time/sick time, so he took that Thursday off to go downstairs and beat the front office people up (figuratively of course).  Master Pravus doesn’t normally take days off for this shit, but it was really, really getting to us both.  The worst bit is being told constantly “someone will be there tomorrow,” and guess what??  No one ever is.

So, he stayed home (which was nice anyway, because I’m always glad to have him around).  Meanwhile, he went down to the front office every single hour until someone showed up.  Someone showed up pretty early for our AC, but Master Pravus continued to go down every hour to ask when the sink guy would be showing up.

“Any second now!” We were told.  Again.  AgainAgain.

Finally the sink guy (who I actually hold no ill will towards, because it isn’t his fault that he is overworked with no help) shows up to tell us it is going to take him hours to get the sink done, but that the parts are in stock and he will be there the next morning.  Great.

I’m happy to report, the AC guy was actually able to get the AC up and running, so I’m sitting in cool comfort.  Of course, the heat wave is broken and we’re in pretty comfortable high 70’s and low 80’s for temps, but the heat is going to return in a couple days I hear.  Still, that is one thing squared away.

The next day, the sink guy did show up.  He did come in, and, after causing quite a mess in the kitchen (claimed the water wouldn’t turn off no matter how hard he tried) and spending literally all day there (six hours) he got the thing fixed up.  He was even kind enough to wet vac the floor.  Basically, I don’t even remember the last time all the work orders were done and gone.  It’s so nice to wake up on our schedule (not theirs), and to not be constantly waiting around on someone.

In a couple of weeks they are supposed to give us the note about what our rent will be next year to see if we want to renew.  Considering that we only just got the apartment in order (read: functioning at peak capacity) I seriously hope they don’t try to increase our rent much or at all.  I will cry if we need to move again, I seriously will.  I’ll also pitch a fit down at the front office pointing out that the apartment has barely functioned since moving in day.  I’m trying not to panic about it (I’m getting too old to be hauling boxes), but it’s pretty close to renewal time, so I am a bit antsy.  We’ll just wait and see.

4 thoughts on “Maintenance Update

  1. Sadly I know what this feels like, sorta. We are waiting on body corporate to organise the insurance guy and the painter to both come down on the same day and look at our ceiling again. Its damaged from a leak from the skylight, caused by the new roof installed by the body corporate. Also waiting on them to investigate a mystery pipe that I told them about last year. Argr body corporate is not any better. Body corporate manager we hired, expects me to arrange everything, even though that is what we pay her for. Lazy people, don’t you just love them? lol

    1. @MomoNoHanna I wish you lived nearby. We could have tea in alternating houses and commiserate over how bad maintenance sucks. I completely hear you on the lazy people. It’s infuriating, really. Everything thinks that it’s someone else’s job. >.< Grr. I really do hope that they come around and fix things for you though. I know how obnoxious the waiting is.

      1. Oh I wished we lived closer to! My other half actually used to live in Vermont. His parents live in Philly, I will probably make it to the U.S.A one day and visit 🙂 I don’t like flying though, because I get air sick every time! I’m sure I will end up the U.S.A one day.

        1. @MoMoNoHanna Oh wow, small world, huh? I used to live in Massachusetts which is pretty close to Vermont geographically. Still quite a drive though. 🙂 If you’re even in the Denver area give me a shout though!

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