July 21 Weekend Update

The weekend went pretty well.  Saturday was full of running around, which is never fun.  Master and me do most of the errands together (seeing as I can’t drive), but it was 105* out on Saturday so it was super hot and we were both annoyed.  We spent most of the weekend doing a lot of sewing.  I got a few custom orders for the Mewtique and we’re also working on some new stuff so there is always something to do there.

I feel like every time I take a few steps forward, I take a few back.  I’ve been really sick the last few weeks, but not with anything new.  I have had stomach problems for a few years now, and we’re waiting on the hospital to call us back so we can set up testing for the end of the year.  Since our deductible was used up on my last surgery, the co-pay will be next to nothing so now is finally the time to get it fixed.  I haven’t been sleeping well because of it and it’s impacting my day to day which means my POTS has been set back a bit.  I’m still doing better than I was a year ago, just that progress is slowing as this other problem is getting worse.  It’ll be okay, I know this.

We are both hoping (as always, I guess) that this is one of those last major things and then I’ll be able to function a lot better than before.  I mean, it has been one Hell of a year, but I have overcome a lot too.  Each time I overcome something things get a little easier, so fingers crossed.  In the meantime, I’m just trying to go about my normal day and routine and I just deal with the stomach problem as I need to.  Medical stuff is blah.  Getting old is sucky.

Even though I have been on a bit of a backslide lately, Master and me are still getting in lots of fun together.  Playtime is so important for morale and our relationship.  I mean, who cares what things are going wrong if you get to spend a lot of time together and have a lot of fun, right?


I know I probably look a bit grumpy here, but I’m not.  I was just extremely tired at the end of a very long day in the heat.  Master Pravus had me take my shower, do my neck stretch, and then I settled into my kitty nest to play some games before bed.  As I was sitting there, he told me he had a fun idea.  He had me hand him my, um, hands (while still holding onto my game controllers).  I did so.  He wrapped my hands tightly in shiny (AFF) red bondage tape!  Fun!  Of course, being that I’ve spent so much time in wrist and finger splints and braces, I know for sure how to play the game anyway.  Master Pravus had a lot of fun watching me.  I had to use the opposite hand to push buttons on remotes at times, because my thumbs didn’t have their full range of motion.  It was really fun getting Master Pravus excited by showing him that I could still play despite the bondage.

Actually, at one point, I got thirsty.  I always have water or tea near me because hydration.  I didn’t think anything of my bondage hands, and I just picked up my tea cup to drink from it.  Master Pravus got so excited and told me how impressed he was.

“I didn’t think you could do that!  Good kitty!” Etc.  It was cute.  He even picked up the camera immediately to take about fifty shots of it, in case he forgets, or feels like wanking to it later or something.  I don’t always know what those domly types do with their pictures.


Yeah, my hair is a wreck, but I had just gotten out of the shower shortly before he bound my hands, so it wasn’t styled.  Still, fun!  I even got a custom order while I was tied and Master Pravus just had me explain how to set up the new listing to him because he didn’t want to cut me out of the tape yet!  Hahaha!  I love it.

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