Stealth Puff


We’ve been doing lots of ropey things lately, which has been really fun.  It has been so hot here recently though, and it isn’t cooling off at night like it normally does.  As soon as the temp outside is below 80* we usually open all the windows.  The AC unit is mostly fixed up, but it is still a piece of crap which dies if you run it too long (and yes, five or six hours is too long, apparently).  AHEM.

Since the windows are all open at night, to try to keep the place cool, Master Pravus has been trying to be a bit stealthier.  We have a huge porch door which is on the other side of my kitty nest, so anyone walking by could see me in my nest and it’s not really polite (or respectful) to expose people to bondage without their prior consent.  At least, that’s our opinion.

There is no longer a need for the Grumble Puff upstairs now that we have my sleeping restraints all rearranged, so Master Pravus thought we could just put it in as part of my kitty nest as a treat from time to time.  (It’s ugly, totally, but it’s so snuggly I don’t care).  So, he set it up, had me sit in it, and bound my calves together tightly.  It was fun because afterwards when he tucked me in, no one outside knew, and I couldn’t stop smiling because I had this sexy sisal secret under my Grumble Puff!  Tee hee.  <3


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