Little Update

Oops, I let this blog get away from me again.  It’s been hard to update like I used to, but I am working on it.  Things are going very well over here, but I’ve been really exhausted.  We are trying to get things back to the way they used to be in terms of my stamina.  Obviously I have quite a bit of work to do, and it’s not going to happen overnight.  We both know this.

One thing we have been working on specifically is that Master Pravus has been treating me like he used to.  He has been putting aside his constant worry for my health (not that he isn’t worried, but I am definitely capable of more than he was letting me do for a while) in order to help me get to where I need to be.  So, instead of assuming that I am really tired and can’t handle tasks/chores/responsibility at a given time, he’s just telling me what to do when and if I hit my wall (which usually happens late in the day) it’s my job to tell him so that he doesn’t push me past points that will otherwise damage me or impede my progress.

That’s not to say that I call it quits when I don’t feel like doing chores or something.  It’s just that, I’m back doing all the old chores I was supposed to do, and if I am getting sick (lightheaded, dizzy, etc) then I need to point that out so he can make the ultimate decision on whether or not I should keep going.  Over the past few months it has been more like, Master Pravus doing pretty much every chore and me jumping in when I get bursts of energy.  Neither of us like it that way, but the anemia was crushing me and I could barely sit up let alone do stuff.  I’m better enough now that it is time for me to start doing things and being more active.

Sometimes I don’t get sick, but Master Pravus can tell that I am reaching exhaustion and he has been really careful to have me rest for a bit when that happens.  Gawd.  I never thought I would get this sick ever and it’s hard to fathom how little things like doing dishes or cooking can crush me, but they can.

Still, Master Pravus says he is incredibly proud of my progress.  I can get through a “normal” day most days for the most part without having to throw my hands up and point out that I may faint soon if I keep going.  It’s kind of nice.  We have also been working on my mobility.  I’ve been able to walk in the grocery store when we run errands or do groceries without using a scooter.  It is not easy for me, but I can manage it.  We haven’t tried it for anything other than small amounts of things (like just getting one or two items) but Master Pravus has decided we are going to start doing our normal grocery shopping this way (unless I am really ill that day or something).  If I get sick, we will leave the store at the first warning sign and go back the next day, so hopefully I will build back up to it over time.

You can imagine that right now I’m really feeling quite run-down and tired a lot of the time.  This is not a complaint.  I am proud of the way things are improving for me, and I’m proud of the way I have been able to serve my Master.  However, my focus right now has been more on getting through tasks, chores, and anything Master Pravus asks me to do (sexy or no) than writing this blog.  It’s hard because I just haven’t been upstairs as much as I normally am, but that will change too, I know.

I’m actually super excited because this weekend Master Pravus was able to get a long weekend!  We have four days together!  Have cool is that?  He just has a lot of time to use up, so he was able to get a long weekend, and he is trying to get a week off in October for another little stay-cation then.  You know me.  I’m always greedy for more alone time with Master Pravus. <3 <3 <3

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