Strings and Things

There is almost always an hour of lazy at the end of every day for Master Pravus and me.  We don’t tend to fuck right before bed, because fucking wakes me up and then I can’t sleep.  Sometimes we do, but that’s just not how things happen 99% of the time.  Generally, we will watch something or play a video game for about an hour before bed time.  If I’m not the one playing a video game, and I’m just watching Master Pravus, or if we are watching something together, then I normally crochet while we are relaxing. 

I think of it as good therapy for the tiny little joints in my fingers.  Mostly though, I’m bad at sitting still, and I always feel like I have to be doing something.  It doesn’t even have to be something productive, it just has to be something.  (Thus, video games count even though they aren’t really “productive.”)

Last night, Master Pravus had picked out something for us to watch, and we settled into our spots.  I was in my kitty nest, and he on the couch.  After a few minutes, he came over with a piece of hemp rope.  We don’t have a ton of hemp rope, but this particular piece is one of our favorites.  It is a beautiful red and it looks nice against my skin.  At least, Master Pravus always tells me red is my color.

“I need your right hand.”

Of course, I put down my crocheting and I offered up my hand.  This happens quite a bit.  He’ll see a knot online or something, and will want to try it out on me.  We won’t necessarily be doing a rope session, but sometimes he’ll just practice knots on me here or there.  Master Pravus took one end of the rope and he tied my wrist while leaving the other end completely free.  I liked it a lot because it reminded me of a leash.  He just left the rope on my wrist (which I quite enjoyed), and so I just went back to working on my crochet project while we were watching the T.V.

Master Pravus sat next to me, and tugged gently on the little rope leash.  I smiled and looked over at him.  I was enjoying the scratchy hemp, and the little interaction while we were just relaxing.

“It’s like you have a little leash,” he told me.

“I know,” I said.  “I like it.”

I went back to my crochet again, and Master Pravus took the other end of the rope (which is whip stitched) and he idly started hitting my bare shoulder and arm with it.  The whip stitched end is a little weightier than the other end of the rope, so it was a bit stingy.  It wasn’t very painful or anything, he was more hitting me just because he could, and not because we were doing anything intense.  It made me smile as we were sitting there. 

He stopped after a little while and just focused on restriction.  Every time I needed to turn my yarn to get to the next row, I’d feel a little stop in the line because he wouldn’t give me enough range to do it at first.  Then, when he was ready, he gave me a bit more play in the rope so I could keep going.

Before we went upstairs to bed, he took the rope off and I got ready the way I usually do.  The rope is still sitting downstairs on top of Master’s lap top.  I wonder when he will pull it out next.

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