Only, it wasn’t Master Pravus trying to hush me.  I was snuggled in my Grumble Puff playing with the Wii U when I saw him get up and close the porch door and curtains.  We are on the top (well, middle and top floors) since we have a two story apartment, and no one can see into our windows to see me in the Grumble Puff, except by way of the porch door.  There is a big window behind me, but I would need to be standing, or else there would need to be a frost giant out there trying to look in.


“Lean forward, Kitty, Kitty.”

I wasn’t sure what was coming, but nothing bad ever comes of Master Pravus telling me to expose my back to him.  =^.~=  I was actually kind of surprised, because I had not seen him bring down the (AFF) cupping set, so when I felt the familiar suction on my back, I knew he had “snuck” it downstairs when I wasn’t looking.

I felt Master Pravus attach several cups to my back, and I just laid very still, and very quiet.  I was even a bit nervous to speak because my brain was going one hundred miles per hour.

“What if someone hears us??  What if someone sees??”  I knew it wasn’t that big of an issue, because Master Pravus is as concerned about being discreet as I am, but with a window open there’s always that little bit of exciting fear.

We were only doing dry cupping, because Master Pravus isn’t going to do any wet cupping or blood play until I have at least six months of recovery from the anemia under my belt.  (You can’t be too careful!)  When it was time for Master Pravus to release me from the cups, he just grabbed and yanked them off without releasing the seal.  This is the best sensation ever, and I love it.  It feels sharper if the skin is wet (you can use lotion or oil too), but he chose not to (likely because it is a lot less messy this way), and the sensation is still a good one.

When he was done, I don’t exactly remember how he phrased it, but he asked me something like “How was your cupping?”  And I don’t remember exactly what I said word for word, but I know I said something like “Sad, because it is over now.”  Master Pravus smiled and said that there was time enough before bed for him to do a little more.  He took out one more cup and put it on my back.  He tightened the cup as much as was possible, and he let me lay there like that enjoying the sensations while he tapped it, pulled on it a bit (but not enough to take it off), etc.  Before bed, he took it off, and it just felt so amazing.  I was in cupping heaven.

I stayed in the Grumble Puff while Master Pravus stood up to close the blinds on the window behind me, so I could get up and finish the clean up.  In the midst of the pleasure of receiving Master Pravus’ pain, I had forgotten to panic about the window behind us being open.


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