Long (But Not Super Relaxing) Weekend

Happily, Master and me just enjoyed a nice long weekend.  From the title you can tell that it wasn’t terribly relaxing.  Really though, it wasn’t all that bad either.  A lot of little things just kept happening though, if you know what I mean.  A needle broke on the sewing machine, we ran out of bread, we needed a special kind of fabric for a custom order, the belt in the vacuum broke, etc.  You know, little things.  The really hard part was that none of it happened all at once.  We would get home, start to go about our day, and BAM we’d need to go back out.  The entire weekend wasn’t like that, but most of it was.  So, staying at home and relaxing and not going out didn’t happen as much as we wanted it to, but the weekend was not a bust either.

We got to spend a lot of time together, whether home or not.  We got to have lots of fun sexy adventures, which is always something we’re both wanting.  Speaking of which, my favorite red ball gag is starting to tear!  I have had that thing since back before we moved to Colorado, and I remember saving up my own allowance money for it at the time.  I was so excited because at the time none of my gags were all that great at propping my hypermobile jaw open and it was the biggest gag we owned. 

I have a three inch ball gag now, but I can’t wear it if I’m on my back or I’ll choke.  It is that big.  We originally got the ball gag at Sub-Shop, but they don’t have it there yet, and I’m not sure if they will.  (They recently re-opened and have lots of great stuff!)  Not that Autumn reads here, but if she does happen upon this post, please, please, please can you get these gags back in?  Master Pravus and me would be most grateful.  Shiny gags are the best kind, but I am allergic to latex and we love the old PVC ones you used to carry!

::Ahem::  Tangent.

Staring down the barrel of another week here, but I admit I’m looking forward to it.  I’m feeling more and more physically capable with each passing day, and I am excited to be working again.  I started cam work last week, but I’ve also been sewing and working on my Mewtique quite a lot.  Our home life is feeling more the way we both want it to, instead of feeling like our lives are constantly being run by my illnesses.  Yes, I’m still sick, but instead of everything being a problem, problems arise and we deal with them as needed.  It’s a nice change, and I really hope it stays this way.

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