For The Last Time

I don’t even know how to start this post.  I mean, I really don’t.  I even told Master Pravus that I had no clue how I’d write this.

“Just come out and say it, Kitty!  You can just write: ‘Master Pravus has decided we’re buying a house.'”

The thing is, it’s just that, we’re always mother fucking moving.  Before we moved to Colorado, we had settled into a smallish condo, which we did own, and that was all well and good.  I mean, it was the first time since we started dating that we managed to stay at a place for more than a year or two.  The condo itself was decent, though it really wasn’t big enough for us.  It had a mess of problems too, but we dealt with them as they came up, and you know what?  It was still better than renting an apartment.

Despite all the problems in this apartment, we had decided that as long as the rent didn’t go up ridiculously, we were just going to stay here for the next year.  I mean, we love this apartment.  Maintenance sucks, but maintenance has sucked in every place we have lived in.  Plus, this place is big enough, and aside from how long it takes to get things fixed up, everyone around here is really friendly.  We have nice neighbors, and a cute little family just moved in next door.  They even have a snake and like to play Skyrim!  Our kind of people.  =^.~=

The idea of moving or even buying a house didn’t occur to us.  We were actually even planning on going down to the front office and bitching if they tried to increase rent, after all the issues we’ve had this year.  We came home one day and there was a flyer on our door.  We usually ignore those, but this one was for buying a house with no down payment, and they would either buy out your lease or pay for movers.  Honestly, we figured it was a scam, but its not.  We have been looking into it and it’s legit.  So, the only thing to do now is to find a place, and move.  We likely won’t even need to pay for movers, which is really nice.

Honestly, with all my medical bills in the past year, we’ve been not going out or doing anything and we’ve just been working on demolishing them.  We hadn’t really thought to look into a house right now, because we’re trying not to go anywhere or really do anything until we completely catch things up.  (Having a chronic illness is a pain in the ASS, especially when your insurance is sucky).  We talked it over though, and there would be less fees with buying a house right now than there would be if we were to move to another apartment in a year from now, or sooner if we did have to move at the end of the lease.  Not only that, but in the long term, this is just the best solution. 

All of this moving every one or two years and not having a stable home is just so stressful.  Yes, there are downsides to having your own house too, but this is a dream of ours and honestly, the time is right.  I’ll be able to have less stairs which will mean good things for my POTS, and Master Pravus and me will both be able to settle down and stop moving so much, which is both expensive and stressful.  So, we’re moving again, but with any luck, for the last time.  Or at least, not for a good long while.

Our lease doesn’t end until the end of October, but we’re shooting to move as soon as possible at this point.  Since it could be any time at all between here and October, we’re a bit anxious.  I mean, most house sales take anywhere from two to six weeks, but it could be the full twelve.  We’re not going to start packing or anything like that until we put in an offer for a house and the offer is accepted, or unless we get to September.  Though we always start packing early, three months ahead is early even for us.  We don’t want to sit with a bunch of boxes for the next three months.  If we move sooner, it’ll be more stressful, but at least it will be done and over with.

Last night, we heard back that we are pre-approved for our mortgage, so that’s when we knew this was really, really real.  Master Pravus came home and we started planning things.  (Even if we’re not packing yet, there’s still a lot to do and talk about).  We looked at some houses online, and tonight we’re going to meet up with the realtor.  We’ll just have to see how things go.  Neither of us slept all that much last night, because we’re already stressed.  Moving is always stressful.  We have moved so many times by now though, that we really are pros at it.  While neither of us really want to move, we are both just thrilled that this will be the last time for a good long while, if not forever.  This is a big step in the right direction for us.  We’re excited, but definitely anxious.  I want it to be over with already.  Wish us luck!

15 thoughts on “For The Last Time

  1. Try to think of it as exciting and, like you say, a big step in the right direction. I know moving is hard but if it’s the last move for a long time then it’s totally worth it. I hope you find a beautiful home that you can both settle into and be happy 🙂

    1. @MrsTeePot Definitely! 🙂 I mean, I am excited, but I have so many mixed feelings. I mean, a house will put a stop to the moving so often which is AWESOME. But we do love it here and will be sad leaving our apartment, especially since everything is all fixed now, lol! I know it will be better in the long AND short runs, but I really hate the thought of packing.. And in the middle of our busy season at the Mewtique too! Still, things don’t happen when it is convenient. They happen when they happen. Pass the caffeine. =^.~=

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