Dominant Vs. Submissive Tendencies

*****Warning, I’m not trying to stereotype.  This post is just supposed to be a silly thing I noticed.  I realize there are many types of Masters/Doms/Dommes/Sirs/Mistresses/etc, and many types of slaves/bottoms/littles/submissives/etc.  This post is not intended to insult anyone.  Please don’t take it personally.*****


See this?  This is Master Pravus’ pin cushion.  We bought one for him a few weeks ago because having one pin cushion between two people is kind of a pain in the ass, especially since we both tend to be on opposite ends of the room when we’re sewing.  I mean, we don’t have a very big kitchen table.  (Add that to the list of fantasy items for our future house someday).  When we were at the store, Master Pravus chose a purple pin cushion because all of the adult stores in our area are purple, and he thought that was perfect.  Pervy guy, pervy pin cushion.

We were sitting down to dinner when Master Pravus picked his pin cushion up and handed it to me.

“Do you like what I did with my pin cushion?  I couldn’t stand having all the colors intermixed.”

HA.  I actually had noticed, but I wasn’t about to go pointing it out to him.  Master Pravus is always doing things like this.  He arranges his French fries in order of largest to smallest, he is always mashing down his food so that it is all on a flat level when he eats it, he like hangers to face a certain way in the closet, and many other such things.  At first it was a bit hard to deal with, not that I minded..  It was just hard to remember all the different rules!  Now it is second nature to me for the most part, but I still wind up putting the toilet paper on facing the “wrong” way every now and again.

Here is my pin cushion:


It’s a mess, isn’t it?  This is actually a pretty good day for my pin cushion.  I mean, most days it’s also tangled in thread.  Not that I’m doing this on purpose.  It’s just than when I’m sewing, I don’t really focus on the neatness of things.  I just focus hard on getting things done for the person I am sewing for (Master Pravus, me, a stranger, etc).  It was funny because we were just chatting about how this is a good example of our relationship in a very small way.  As Master Pravus’ slave I focus on getting things done to his liking (though, in all fairness, he has never instructed me on how to keep my pin cushion!), and sometimes I make a mess though I achieve the perfect final product.  It isn’t that I don’t get things done in the way he tells me, it’s more that, I don’t always see the bigger picture along the way.

Master Pravus’ pin cushion shows the way he behaves too.  He takes the extra time to make something look and feel extra good and extra easy to use, even if it means that the outcomes take a bit longer.  Order in all things, large and small.  I just thought the parallel was cute.  You just can’t take certain bits out of a person no matter what.  Some bits are visible even when you’re doing something mundane.  Maybe especially when you’re doing something mundane.

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