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Well, we went on our first house hunting night.  We were gone about four hours and looked at three houses, and it was really physically exhausting for me.  I made it though, and that’s what counts.  The first house was amazing, and I wanted to move right in!  The only major problem was, well..  It was falling apart like woah.  I mean, if we had a bunch of money to sink into that place, it would be a fun project because when it eventually gets restored to its full glory, it is going to be absolutely gorgeous.  A lot of the stuff that needed done was cosmetic, but there was a lot of cosmetic stuff.  We’re talking about a lot of paint, a lot of replacements (pretty much every shelf, and every door in that place).  Tiles needed tearing up and replacing, etc etc.  The house itself was huge and would have been lovely if it was taken proper care of.  The whole thing was set up like a maze, it was just awesome, seriously.  Master Pravus agrees, that house had a hell of a lot of character.  It’s just that, it would be a major project and we don’t really have the money the house needs to have put into it.  Also, there was a rubber snake that made me jump not once, not twice, but three times when I saw it.  >.<  So, next stop.

The next house we went to was in a lot better shape.  It had beautiful landscaping, a gorgeous yard front and back, a decent kitchen, a huge pantry, a medium front room, and two or three bedrooms.  To be honest though, we weren’t thrilled with this one.  Master Pravus liked it more than I did, but we both thought overall, the bedrooms were too small, as was the bathroom, and the shelves and closets were too few and too rickety.  True, those shelves could be replaced at a much lower cost than the first house we saw, but we weren’t thrilled.  There was a cool little three season porch, and a covered patio in the back, so you could grill while you’re outside without getting rained or snowed on, which was nice.

The third place was really awesome.  It had a gorgeous yard front and back (though yes, a bit barren).  That’s awesome though, because it means we can add what we want to it!  It has a giant kitchen, a large front room, five bedrooms (three upstairs, and two downstairs in the unfinished basement), washer/dryer hookups, is within easy walking distance to a park and a place to jog, Jacuzzi tub!!  It really would be perfect for us, and just what we need, but it’s a seller’s market and we’re trying not to get too excited about any one place we run into.

Master Pravus is already looking at a few more places though, and we have plans to go out hunting a bit more on Saturday.  It’s exciting AND scary thinking about moving.  Finding a permanent home would be so awesome and we’re so ready for this.  It’s going to be an exhausting few weeks or months or whatever (who knows when the actual MOVE will happen??), but it will be soo worth it when it’s done.

8 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. This sounds like SO much fun. At least the house hunting part. i’m sure the negotiating part won’t be as much fun! i can’t tell you how excited we are for the both of you!!!!!!! =) This is such a grand step for you and i know you’ll be so much happier once you’re settled in your own digs. Super awesome!! i just wish i was there to help you!! HUGS!!

  2. Yay! That will be SO much better than all of the apartment hassles y’all have been dealing with! The house we picked was the 12th one we saw, so keep the faith! I looked at all the houses first and then decided from there if they met my husbands list & our budget before bothering him to see it, maybe your master could do something similar? Just a suggestion as I know how tiring it is on us! Good luck and hope it doesn’t take too long!

    1. @KuspOfKarma Thanks! 🙂 We are super excited. Actually we put a bid down on a place so if it gets accepted maybe we won’t need to look anymore. Lol. We aren’t counting on it though. We HAVE been trying to keep it to no more than three houses per viewing which has been awesome. I AM tired, but at least it is short sessions.

  3. I’m so happy you guys are looking for a house. MM and I have bought two houses, so far. Both “Handy Man’s Specials.” Make sure you hire a reputable House Inspector when you want to make an offer on one. It can help you knock thousands off the price as usually something is found. If the seller won’t let you hire a House Inspector move along. Nothing worse than a really expensive repair, like a damaged foundation or broken furnace or termite damage that you don’t find out about until after you bought the house and moved in.

    House hunting is so fun! Have a great time.

        1. @P’Gell Thanks Hon! 🙂 We’re excited. The first house was a no go because it was missing something minor in the inspection and the sellers refuse to fix it. :/

          But we put a bid in on a beautifully kept place last night and they should be informing us today. The bidding was only for three days because the current owners need to scoot. BUT there was a lot of competition for it so we’re crossing my fingers and we’re hoping but don’t have our hearts set. 🙂 House! 😀

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