Bettie Gots A Boo Boo


Poor Bettie.  Master Pravus was in a minor accident a couple days ago.  He’s okay, no injuries or anything, and no one was hurt in the other car either.  I wasn’t in the car at all, so I’m okay.  The car isn’t that okay.  I mean, yes, she could be much, much worse off, but she obviously needs some work.  She seems to be driving alright though, so that is good.  We’ve been in several car accidents since we got the car, and this is the first one Master Pravus was found at fault for.  It was just a lose-lose situation.  Guy in front of Master Pravus stopped short, and he just hadn’t left enough room.  (As a side note, the person behind Master Pravus only just barely managed not to hit him from behind. 

From what I was told, there was literally a one inch margin when he got out of his car.)  He accepted responsibility and we’re dealing with the insurance company right now so that we can take care of the other guy’s car and ours as well.  This is just really bad timing to be in an accident.  Our real estate agent points out that “It’s never a good time.”  Well, no.  There never really is a good time to be in a car accident, but in the middle of a house search is probably one of the worst, I think.  We’ll do what we need to and we’ll deal with it.

This has been a really rough week for us.  It has just been long and stressful, and to be honest, the house is one of the least stressful bits of it.  We’re dealing with some really bad news from back home about my Dad, and I don’t really want to get into it on here because it doesn’t just involve me and Master Pravus.  Still, it is incredibly frustrating, awful, and Master Pravus and me are definitely losing sleep over it.

Not that we were sleeping anyway, I guess.  Ever since we started house hunting (a bit over a week ago) we have lost a ton of sleep.  We have long days and we’re out some days until eight or nine at night looking at places.  We have gone out on the weekends, and we’re obviously agonizing over this.  If you take too long (a couple of days) then you lose your shot at a property.  Yes, they are going that quickly.  It’s also tough because I can’t actually cam if we’re going house hunting.  I don’t usually even cam if we’re doing groceries or have an appointment or anything else going on that day at all, because I’m just not up for that, yet. 

Some days I will be logged in for twenty minutes, and then Master Pravus will call or send me a message to let me know we’re going out that night, and I have to get off cam, rest, and break out a Monster Energy drink so that I can be okay that night to look at houses.  I can’t really sit while we look at houses and I still can’t stand for very long yet, so it burns me out quite a bit.  At night, Master Pravus says he is lying awake staring at the clock because buying a house is stressful for him as well.  It is probably more stressful for him because he makes the final decision on which one.  Some nights he rolls over and fucks me because we’re wide awake anyway, and there’s no point on staring at the clock when you could be fucking.  Some nights we try really hard to sleep.  Master Pravus has to be awake the next morning at six and so he can’t even sleep in.

We’re thinking we know which house we want, but we’re going back for a second look.  It’s tough because the house does need a few things done to it, but none of it is major.  As nice as it would be to move in a place that needs nothing done, we can buy a house that needs a new window screen or something.  We’re handy.  Well, Master Pravus is handy anyway, and I’m good at following directions.  We promised ourselves that we would not get our hearts set on any one place, but we’re both kind of excited over this place.  We had originally discarded it but it is not far from Master Pravus’ work, and it really is a great layout, etc.  We want to go back and make sure we want it before we make an offer though.

I feel run down.  I know Master Pravus is tired, but he’s still holding much stronger than I.  Physically I feel like crap.  I could really just do with some sleep.  For the record, I’m not drinking a Monster every single day.  We’ve only gone out a few days to hunt houses, and even on days when I don’t have caffeine, I’m just really stressed.  It is just hard because when you buy a house, you’re obviously not going to be doing it all the time, so you do need to be a bit pickier than you would have been with an apartment.  Between the house, the car, and the family troubles with my Dad this week has just been awful.  I never say this, but I am looking forward to Monday.  I guess the weekend would be a good start too.

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