8-19-2014 Weekend Update

The weekend was taxing, I’m not going to lie.  We had some problems with the realtor we’re using, but nothing as dramatic as before.  His communication really, really needs work though.  He’ll say one thing and do another or not respond at all to emails.  So we’re at the point where Master is giving him one more week and if things don’t start improving we’re going to look for another realtor.  Not that we don’t wish him well, but when you’re buying a house communication is key.

Things with my Dad have not really improved, so Master and me are trying to block it out.  I’m not saying we’re not checking in on him, I’m just saying that we are doing our best to not think about it or get wrapped up in it.  Dad is at a distance to us, so there’s nothing we can do but worry.  Worry won’t solve the problems he’s having.  We’re not doing great at it, but we’re trying.

Over the weekend, I was able to do a bit of sewing while Master ran a couple of errands to get boxes.  The box packing is very much underway right now, with the second room turning into “Boxington.”  There hasn’t been a whole lot of downtime, and what little downtime we do have is spent napping, video gaming, or staring blankly at the TV.  My monthly visitor showed up a few days ago, so sex is kind of out right now.  Thankfully the ablation really has taken my cycles down about ten pegs though, and I no longer need to work around my cycles.  It’s pretty awesome.  I can’t believe it has been three months already.

One thing which is somewhat frustrating about the housing market in our area right now is that houses are only on the market about three days.  We call, ask to see the house, then the house is off the market just a day or so later in many cases.  This is the third or fourth house we’ve been trying to bid on, and we haven’t gotten one yet (that’s okay, we’ll get one eventually.)  It’s hard though because people keep asking about the house we’ve bid on, but then the next day it’s like there’s another house we’re bidding on.  Lol.  Keeping them straight is hard enough, so we’re just trying to be patient and not tell people about what we’re bidding on and when.  Lol.  So we’ll see.

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