We Got The House!

We found out last Thursday night, but of course Master Pravus has been home for the last few work days and so I haven’t had time to blog about it.  We are very excited to move!  Of course, the real panic hasn’t set it yet.  The inspection is today, and Master Pravus is at it right now.  Unless there is something majorly wrong with the house we will be moving sometime in the next five weeks.  That’s such a vague time though.  “Sometime in the next five weeks.”

Until we have an actual closing date, I won’t be too panicked.  Calm is a good thing.  The funny part is that all the house hunting was taking a major toll on me physically, so Master Pravus told me not to worry about blogging again until an offer was accepted on a house.  So, of course the next house we bid on was accepted.  Not that I’m complaining.  =^.~=

Bettie is in the shop.  She went in last week. Of course, the appraiser said to Master Pravus when he brought her in “She doesn’t look too bad.”  Great.  Why is it taking you three weeks to get her done then, huh?  We were both kind of shocked that we’re going to be without Bettie for two more weeks.  I mean, the rental car is fine, but Bettie is our car, dammit.  Lol.  We want her back.  I’m sure they are taking good care of her though.  They better be, anyway.

So that’s how things are going.  We’re packing a lot, but squeezing in relaxation and fun when we can.  Master Pravus has all these ideas for things we are going to do to the house.  I’m excited too, but I’m trying not to be overly excitable until we get through the inspection.  I would hate to get too attached and have this house fall through.

Still: gardening, a library, medieval themed great room, setting up the smallish basement with toys and pillows for Serenoodle are all on our minds.  =^^=  It won’t be long now, and then Master Pravus will own his very own house.  Whee!

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