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Well, the inspection went well.  The house wasn’t perfect (no house is), but 99% of the problems were minor.  There was some question as to the roof, but the house will have a five year certification before we move in, and we’re going to insure the house (including roof) anyway, so we’ll be all set.

The closing date is scheduled for October 10th, which is fast approaching.  I said before that I wasn’t panicked, and probably wouldn’t panic until we had a drop date, but honestly, I still don’t feel panicked.  Calm is a good thing!  Sure, six weeks isn’t a ton of time, but I feel pretty confident that we’ll get it all done.  We don’t have to vacate this apartment until the 25th of October, so we’ll probably haul some boxes over ourselves before getting the movers in here.  We can’t get out of the lease early without paying a hefty fine anyway, so it’ll work out.  Moving, moving, moving!  We’re definitely good at this!  Lol.  I’ll be around on my blog, but the regular posts won’t resume until we’re at the new house, likely.  I’m just trying to keep up with all the everything over here.  I’ll be glad when we’re there and done with all this.



2 thoughts on “Closing Date

  1. You guys got the house! Hooray! I know closing is a very stressful time. The last house we bought (we’ve had two in the time we’ve been together) a house, I was a wreck on the closing date, then after all the papers were signed and we walked of of that lawyer’s office I felt like a 10 thousand ton weight was lifted off of us. I said, “We’re never moving again.” And the lawyer laughed and wrote that and the date on the back of our folder. We’ve been here every since and been pretty happy.

    I hope you and M have a great time in your new house. I’m so excited for you. Those first days in the new house are so full of potential, so pace yourself. honey. You have plenty of time to get everything the way you like it.


    1. Thanks @P’Gell Yep, it is stressful, but it is SO MUCH LESS stressful than the actual house search was. This guy selling the house is so lazy, and his realtor is always apologizing for him because he doesn’t want to do anything. >.< Fighting with him on the last few small things to bring up to code is a bit of a pain in the butt, but it will be so worth it in a couple weeks. 🙂 Lol. I hate moving too, I hope you (and me) never have to move again! 😀

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