Master Pravus works in IT, so it happens quite often that people ask him to fix their computer.  He only does it for a few people right now: family, one or two very, very close friends, people who pay him etc.  We get a call probably three or four times per year from my mother alone asking him to help her.  Lately, he has been helping someone weekly with his computer, but he’s helped us a lot so Master is happy to do it.

Jokingly, I mentioned to Master Pravus “You know, everyone always asks you to help them with their computer, but just you wait.  Someday someone is going to need a button sewn to something, and then they will need me!”  Of course he laughed.

We’ve been getting really chummy with the people who moved in next door to us.  They have a lot in common with us, etc.  Well, they were over in our apartment the other night when one of them noticed my sewing machine.

“Oh, can you sew?”

And I explained about my Mewtique and how sewing is a part time job for me.

“Hey, can you hem pants?  I have a pair that need to be hemmed 2″ and can you put together a sock monkey for me if I bring it over here?”

Can I put together a sock monkey?  =^.^=  Tee hee. 

I excitedly agreed.  I do love a chance to show my quality.  I mean, yes, I’ve been taken advantage of before, but this is different.  I’m actually more than happy to help people with little things, you know?  I like being able to hem pants or sew a button on something.  What gets to me on occasion is the whole “You make stuff??  Make me ______!”  And people expect you to buy all supplies and materials, and it better be ready quickly, and so help them if it takes you six days and they don’t respect your time, etc.  A favor now and then though?  Yup.  Fun.  Move over, Master Pravus!  I can be useful too you know.  Sometimes.  Fully dressed, even.  =^.~=

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