With or Without Ears

Playful Kitty

Wearing kitty ears almost everywhere I go is something I do because it makes Master Pravus super happy.  I mean, I do like doing it, don’t get me wrong, but for Master Pravus it’s a must.  There were a couple of times in the past when I forgot to put them on (because we were in a super hurry), and I think he gets more bummed than me on those rare occasions.  Thing is, I can’t see my own ears, so he’s the one looking at me all the time.  ::Shrugs::  It almost never comes to that anyway, I usually keep a pair by the door and I have a bunch of ears scattered around the house.

It’s also true, though, that I am recognized by people everywhere I go.  I don’t know who these people are half the time.  I try to be polite and nice and all that, but inside my head I’m just like “I’m sorry, I have crap memory.  Who are you?”

Master Pravus says I’m just likable.  I figure it’s probably just that I have kitty ears on all the time, and kitty ears are pretty memorable.  Every town or city has that one person that you don’t necessarily know by name, but they always run around wearing a recognizable jacket, or they always have a dog on their motorcycle or something.  I might not have a cool jacket or a motorcycle, but I’m just..  The person who runs around town with the cat ears.  So I’m kinda like..  The town “cat person.”  ::Laughs::

I had an experience last week where Master Pravus and me were out on our daily walk (which I don’t usually wear kitty ears for), and immediately after the walk we decided to hop in the car to pick something up at the store.  We get to the store, and, despite the fact that I’m not wearing kitty ears, everyone was smiling at me as though I was wearing the ears.  It was kind of shocking to me, because I always assumed that maybe people saw my kitty ears and that made them happy.

I told Master Pravus about it, and he told me that it wasn’t the ears.  People were happy to see me, not my accessories.  (Not that the accessories hurt anything.)  He pointed out that when you smile, you make other people happy by default.  True, but, as I have worn ears all the time for so long (about ten years now), I seriously forgot that people probably are smiling at me, and not my ears more often than not.

Well, yesterday was another of those days where we decided to jump into the car super quickly because we were out on our walk and decided we needed one more ingredient before dinner.  We drove down to a store, and went inside, all rushy-rushy.  Almost as soon as we got into the door, someone yelled across the store (an employee).

“Hey!  Where are your kitty ears?!”

I laughed.

“We were in a rush today!”

“And, I recognized you without your kitty ears on,” she points out.

I smiled wider than most people who smile at me.

Master is always, always right.

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