When It Rains

I’ve been tending to blog on Tuesdays, because Tuesdays are my rest day.  I don’t pack, cam, work out or do anything strenuous on Tuesdays, and since we’re so busy with the move and all, I’ve been doing my updating on here on Tuesdays.  Things have been really good.  It is complicated, but buying a house allowed us to have extra money and we were able to pay off all the medical bills I had accrued and we were also able to get me a wheelchair and a couple medical things I had been needing. 

We closed my GoFundMe, and have been working on ways to give back.  Master Pravus and me were really happy about how things were progressing.  We had extra money in the bank, and we were on our way to homeownership, which will only benefit us in the long run.  I actually had a couple fun blog posts I was planning to write today, but now I just can’t bring myself to write those.  I will see how I feel in a day or two though.

This morning, I woke up and I got ready for my relaxing day.  I did some dishes and laundry, and I sat down to a leisurely breakfast.  Master Pravus was sending me a few little messages on Couple and we were just chatting here and there.  Nothing major, you know?  Then, I got a message saying there was a company-wide meeting, and that they had to downsize substantially. 

I then waited on pins and needles with Master Pravus while they called each department into a room and then you had someone tell you whether or not you were going to stay or go.  Everyone was being let out early that day regardless, so no one really knew who was laid off.

Master Pravus and me were both anxious and on pins and needles.  Unfortunately, a few hours later he sent me a message saying:

“I’ve been let go.  Fuck.  Will call you soon.”

I started crying.  I was completely panicked, and I had no idea what we were going to do.

They stated more than once that they were not letting anyone go because they wanted to.  They told Master Pravus that he was an exemplary employee and that he was eligible for both rehire and for unemployment.  They did not want to let him go, but they had to.

Technically, Master Pravus will still be an employee at his place of work until November 9th or so, but he isn’t going in.  They paid him all the money they would have owed him up front and tomorrow he starts sifting through things for his new job hunt.  We’re unsure exactly where things stand with the house right now, and we both feel kind of numb.

We have some money in savings that we set aside for the house, and we got some severance pay so for now we’re okay.  I don’t really like discussing money stuff on my blog, but, I mean – Master Pravus has lost his job so we’re both stressed and that’s our prime concern.

Oddly, I feel a bit calmer about this whole thing.  It isn’t good, not one bit, but we’re going to be okay.  Master Pravus and me have survived far worse than this, and we’re not quite to the point that we should be panicked.  We’re trying to focus on small things.  Tomorrow he’ll apply for unemployment, and start his job hunt.  Who knows?  Maybe he will find something soon.

When it rains it pours, and right now it’s hailing.

10 thoughts on “When It Rains

  1. We’re both pretty stunned right now at this news. We hardly know a more positive or upbeat couple than you two and that alone is what gets you guys through the tough times you’ve had. i know you’ll tackle this and come out on top, just like you always have!! Please know that you’re in our thoughts and we’re hoping all sorts of wonderful things will be in your future!!

    Lots of love to the both of you!!

    Gaspar and me

    1. Thanks @Treasure. It was a massive downsize at his company that no one saw coming. 100+ people, can you imagine?

      We’re trying to remain upbeat. What else CAN you do. It seriously means a lot though that you are sending good thoughts. Thanks to both of you. ::hugs::

  2. That’s terrible news. I know you’ll come out of this, better than ever! I’ll send some good job-hunting juju your way!

    Sir and I just moved to another state, giving up jobs and are in a similar boat (though it was our own doing).

    Good luck!

  3. Oh, honey. I’m so sorry this is happening.

    Sending positive thoughts and love. M is a smart, hard working man and something should turn up soon.

    Hugs and Love,


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