We Bought A House

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Here I am.  I’m quite a tired and frazzled kitty today.  See, we got a call Monday asking us if we could close on the house today instead of Monday.  Sounds good to us, we said.  After all, sooner is always better than later.  As the date was sooner than we expected, I didn’t even have time to blog about it, and instead I spent the time sewing and packing, as Master Pravus bid.

Well, the big day came and I started off a bit nervous.  I mean, it isn’t that I didn’t want to have the house, but the realness of everything sort of had me feeling overwhelmed.  We are behind on Mewtique orders, but it’s October, so the chances of me catching up before Halloween are nil.  Good problem to have, I know, and I’m not complaining.  When you combine it with the prospect of buying a house and packing and moving and setting up a new place, though, yeah it was stressing me out a bit.  I mean, that’s all pretty natural.

I was supposed to stay at home today and pack while Master Pravus went to the closing, so I got up and put on some grubby clothes so that I wouldn’t get anything nice dirty.  At the last second, Master Pravus decided he wanted me to go with him because he wanted to make sure that someone would be at the house to let the cleaners in, and if he went to the closing alone it might be cutting it close.

Of course, he decided he wanted to get something out of the freezer, and hit his head hard enough on the corner of it that he nearly passed out.  I put an ice pack on his head and we just waited until he could think straight before getting ready to go out because we wanted to be sure he was okay to drive, of course.  He’s okay, but it wasn’t the best start to the day.

We got to the closing, and I felt really awkward because if I had known that I was going I would have dressed a bit nicer.  I was in a pair of yoga pants and a crappy T shirt.  In fact, I was so frazzled and worried about helping Master Pravus with his injury, that I forgot to put kitty ears on when I was on my way out the door so he handed me the keys and told me to go upstairs to get them.  >.<  Oops.

The closing itself went off without a hitch.  We were there for about two hours which seemed about right. One thing which was different than normal closings was that the seller really wanted privacy as he was not very good at speaking English so we each signed all the paperwork in separate rooms.  Before we left though, he came out to shake our hands and we both told him we were so happy he was willing to sell his house to us and we thanked him.  He seemed very nice and we parted with smiles on our faces.

Leaving the building, we were bouncing along.



We got to the house and the maids were already waiting for us, which was only mildly annoying as they were somewhat mad that we weren’t there to let them in, but in all fairness, they were thirty minutes early!  Anyway, they went into the house and they cleaned everything top to bottom.  We just wanted everything done once before we moved in, you know?

I brought over a cooler full of frozen food to put in the freezer, because we packed the pots and pans so it made sense to put things in the new place.  We had also brought over other little things like toilet paper, some soap for the bathroom, etc.  We just wanted to make sure the bare minimum stuff was there so that while we were going back and fourth all weekend we wouldn’t be in a bad spot.

Everything was going great, and we were about to leave the house so that we could go celebrate somewhere (I mean, how often do you buy a house??) when Master Pravus heard me scream and came running back in the house.

“What’s wrong??  Are you okay??  Did you hurt yourself??”


And, Master Pravus saw it, took out his camera and started shooting pictures of it.  Roaches.  In our brand new mother fucking house.  We didn’t see any roaches during the other two times we were there and no one saw one during the inspection, so I guess we’re just lucky.  We don’t want to live in a house with bugs but we’re kind of stuck because we signed all the paperwork.

We are being proactive.  He came home and immediately called our realtor in case we have any sort of recourse, and he also called an exterminator.  We didn’t make it home until after they were closed but we did leave a message so I am sure we will hear back tomorrow.  We took the few things we had brought with us (minus the toilet paper) and we took it all home with us.  We’re not leaving anything overnight in a house with bugs if we can help it.

Still, even though we have the luxury of pushing back our move (we technically do not need to be out of here until the end of the month) we’re both a bit disappointed.  I mean, a house in a major big investment, and we would not have purchased this one if we knew about this.  🙁  Now it’s really, truly ours so we’re going to have to deal with it until things get resolved.

We came home a bit upset, we’re still happy we have a house, but this is definitely not something we wanted to deal with, and Master told me I could relax until he got back home.  Before we can go out to dinner, he had an appointment to pick up some boxes from Craigslist.  We’re all out again.  He told me not to worry about anything, and that I didn’t have to pack or sew if I didn’t want to right now.

“Just relax.  Master will take care of this, and he’s not bringing his special kitty back to the house until the bugs are dealt with.”

Sweet of him.  He told me I could play video games if I wanted, but I think he knows that I am too work-oriented to take him up on that right now.  I thought I would blog, because I haven’t in a few days, but then I’ll go downstairs and see if I can make some headway with the Mewtique.  He told me not to bother packing tonight because we’re going to have to push the move off anyway now.  We’ll still be moving in, but just not for a few more days.

A cocktail is calling my name.  Good thing there’s a couple shooters we hadn’t packed yet.  =^.~=

6 thoughts on “We Bought A House

  1. Congratulations! I’m super excited.

    I hope the roach issue gets dealt with.

    When Sir and I moved here, we didn’t have any bug problems for a few weeks. Then one night he calls my name and tells me that there are a few bugs in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure why he wasn’t dealing with them on his own, but he told me to come quickly.

    When I got into the kitchen, it was a horror show. Maggots, EVERYWHERE. Hundreds. It took us two hours to eviscerate the little bastards and throw stuff out, determine the cause, call our property manager, etc.

    I hope that it will be a lot more painless for you, as you’re not fully moved in yet, and were able to get things back to the bug-free home.

    1. @Sublea O. M. G. MAGGOTS?? Oh man. I don’t know how I would have dealt. Maggots are definitely worse! We’re definitely lucky in that we have no soft surfaces in there yet, (for the roaches to lay their eggs in), but still. Here is hoping we get ’em killed dead quickly!

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