Roach Broach

“You don’t have to come, Kitty. Master promised you didn’t need to go back until the bugs were gone.”

“Kitty want be wiv Master, even if there’s bugs.”

So, that’s what happened. I packed some snacks for us and we headed to the new house to meet the exterminator. Actually, things went better than either one of us could have hoped.

The exterminator looked around, confirmed the diagnosis of roaches (German roaches, to be exact), and explained his plan of attack. He told us that there really were not many and that if no one has been living in the house for a while it is to be expected that there are at least a few roaches. We are just lucky that we caught it before it got out of control. Mr. Exterminator sprayed the “ultra” bug killer he had because we told him we weren’t staying overnight yet so there’s no reason not to put down the bug banhammer.

After the spray he also put down some roach bait to attract the little fuckers over the death lines.

There are a couple things we needed to get done before moving in and one of them was to buy stuff to seal the door. There was a big enough crack between the door and the house that you could probably pass a pencil. NOT good. It’s all fixed up now, but while we were there we noticed a LOT more roaches. That’s normal, we’re told. We have to draw them out of hiding with the bait in order to poison them.

So, this is less than a fun start to our new house, but it is a bit calming to know that this is very normal in an unlived in house and that it is relatively minor.

Unfortunately, this does mean our actual movers are being postponed by about a week. At least we can postpone things as we don’t NEED to be out of here until the end of the month. We don’t want to move any of our stuff into the house with pests though. >.< Ick.

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