Talk about relief.  After Master was let go from his job two months ago, things have obviously been a bit scary for us both around here.  Having to rely on Master’s severance plus anything I could make with the Mewtique was super scary, especially during a major move into a new house.  Of course, Master is no slouch and he has been searching for a job this whole time.  This morning, he got a phone call from the job we had both been really wanting him to get, and he starts on the tenth of November!!

This is so unbelievably awesome to us both.  No more food pantries.  No worrying about what will happen if the insurance runs out (November 30th), no more fear that we’d lose this house that we only just bought.  Master is fucking amazing, and I know that.  When you consider the fact that he got a job before his unemployment benefits kicked in..  Well, that only makes him even more amazing, at least to me.  I could not be more proud, relieved, happy, and just all around excited.  We haven’t really begun suffering physically yet as we were still able to afford our food, bills, etc, so this is just the biggest relief ever because now we won’t have to.

Thanksgiving is this month, and we can actually start looking forward to it!

Naturally, there are a lot of things we need to get done before Master’s job starts on the tenth.  We want to get this place more unpacked and finish getting the cam room set up, so I can work when he’s gone, like I used to.  We need to finish installing a few things, etc too.  We don’t expect to get everything 100% unpacked, but we definitely do plan to do the best we can.

For now ::bouncy happy excited wiggle of we’re going to be okay:: is commencing!  Thank goodness for this major big sigh of relief.

12 thoughts on “BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!

  1. I’m SO glad M. got a new job. I’m so happy for you guys. Now, you csn start to enjoy your brand new house!

    You guys have had a rough start, with the break in and the lay off. But, you’re strong people and are gonna be OK.

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