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Master Pravus started work today, and I’m excited for him.  He’s sent me a few messages here and there on Couple, which was nice.  I feel a little less alone but it’s also nice to know that he’s being treated well.  Not that I thought his new job would be full of mean people or anything, but it’s just nice to know that he’s having a good time, you know?

The past two months have been full of all sorts of scary shit.  I mean, had we known Master Pravus was going to be able to get a job before his unemployment benefits kicked in, or that the job was higher pay, better benefits, and better hours, we might have even had a fun and enjoyable two months.  Instead we were all sorts of panicked for obvious reasons.  When Master Pravus got the good news on Halloween, we decided two things:

1:  To go celebrate verily!  Whoop!

2:  To put our noses to the grindstones and see how much unpacking we could get done before he started work on the tenth, which is today.

To celebrate we went to Black Hawk.  It’s a little gambling town about an hour away, and we had been wanting to go there for a little while.  We didn’t really have a great reason to go though, but this seemed like the perfect time.  It’s a cute little casino town with a ton of casinos.  We’re not huge gamblers (we just play penny slot machines), but it’s fun and you can have all the free unsweetened tea and popcorn you want.  My kind of heaven.  LOL!  We played for the entire day, and including dinner we only lost $27.  Not bad at all.  Probably won’t go back for a while, but it was a fun day.

As far as getting things unpacked.  Well, that one is going to take a bit longer.  We’re determined though, and it’s going to happen, even if not immediately!  We got almost everything out of boxes (I think there are about ten or fifteen boxes packed still), and are in the process of putting together furniture and rearranging things to fit all our stuff.  We have a basic idea of where we want things to go, and we decided that on the weekends we would put our backs into it until everything is done.  This gives us time during the weeks to have dinner, go to appointments, do our workouts and have time together without freaking out over boxes.  Getting things squared away is just not going to happen overnight.  BUT, knowing we’re not moving anytime soon makes us want to really get in there and get things done.  Living in an apartment had us moving every one or two years, and you kind of get this whole “I’m going to be moving next year anyway, why bother!” attitude.  Still, we’re motivated and we’ll get there.

Master Pravus is all excited to tackle the yard.  We’re getting the inside of the house all ship shape first, but he is beyond excited to start a garden next year and put this and that in place.  🙂  We’ll see.

For now, I was a little bit down first thing this morning.  I feel better now, but waking up without Master Pravus at home with me for the first time in months was a bit of a bummer.  I mean, I can’t help that I love being around him, can I?  I know he has to work and everything, and I am SO GLAD he got this job, but there was still that little lingering bit of bummer first thing.  I’m used to being home alone during the day so I know what to do. 

My brain is all in “slave auto pilot” as I run around and get as many things as is possible to get done for Master Pravus while he’s gone.  He didn’t have anything special assigned for me this morning, though he does want me to make him some cookies for Wed at work.  He wanted to bring in treats for his new coworkers, but I guess most people he works with won’t be back until Wed, so I’ll making cookies tomorrow.  Other than that, on auto-pilot I go!  Not that I’m not staring at the clock out of the corner of my eye, either.  Only about two hours left until he is back!

…I’m such a sappy sap.

2 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. So very happy for you both to get the house, and for him to get a new better job. Life is full of challenges as we both know only to well. We are slowly getting our place into a great shape, but can only do so much at one time.

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