Cleaning The Outside


A few days after moving in, Master Pravus gave me a broom and told me to go outside and sweep the walkway.  I took the broom cheerfully and I went outside to tidy up a bit.  I made a joke about how it felt a bit silly to be “sweeping the outside.”  Not because I didn’t want to, but because, it just felt a bit funny.  Living in an apartment, I obviously didn’t give a rat’s fart about what the outside looked like (and neither did Master Pravus).  After all, it wasn’t our problem.

We do have a big tree to the left of the house that you can’t see in this shot.  The tree just sheds a bunch of needles everywhere and the needles make a heck of a mess.  Sweeping up every single day does help, but it still needs to be done to keep the outside tidy.  At the base of our driveway, there’s also a ton of leaves because there’s a house on our right that sheds actual leaves, all over our yard.  Not that I mind, I do my best to sweep them up, but we’re planning on buying a rake soon.  Leaves rake a bit better than they sweep.

I can’t get all the sweeping done in one go yet, because I’m still getting too lightheaded due to my POTS.  Still, I’ll grab the broom and make two or three trips in a day until I get it all done.  Sometimes more, sometimes less trips, just depends on the day.

It’s one of those little domestic chores that I have to admit, I kind of enjoy.  I mean, it takes a bit of time and all, but the outside of the house looks so much better when I finish.  The first few times I was out there, I caught Master Pravus blatantly staring at me while I swept away.  In fact, he followed me out the first time and stayed a pace or two away from me.  I thought maybe he was worried I’d pass out or something, so I told him he didn’t need to stand there if he didn’t want because if I felt the least bit lightheaded I would just go back in and rest for a while.  Well, that’s when he shot back at me:

“I’m not worried, I just think you look adorable sweeping!” 

LOL!  I mean, I don’t mind if he watches me at all, but sometimes Master Pravus can be so funny.  I swear I could wipe my ass sometimes, and he’d think that was cute.  Not a bad problem to have.


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