Surprise Concert

We were out buying shampoo or something in the grocery store when I decided I had to use the bathroom.  While I was in there, Master Pravus was just browsing Twitter and he saw that Korn, a band I love, was going to be in town this past Tuesday.  By the time I got out of the bathroom, he was just finishing up his order.  Yep!  We got two tickets to see Korn!! 

Ever since I first heard them play, I wanted to see them live, and I was so totally excited beyond belief that Master Pravus was taking me.  Surprises like this are the best because even Master Pravus didn’t really know ahead of time.  He just bought the tickets when he saw them pop up.  Sweet.

concert 2

I only have one Korn shirt, but I tried to look cute and make it work for the concert.  Of course, Master Pravus got me a tour shirt while we were there, so now I have two.  I’ll wear my tour one if there’s ever a next time.  =^.~=  You never know!  Since it was the Prepare for Hell tour, I asked Master Pravus if I could wear my devil horns instead of my usual kitty ears and he thought that was perfect.

I was so excited!  I had to go in my wheelchair because the venue was way too big for me to try to navigate on my own two feet, especially with the long lines that typically accompany concerts.  I was amazed at the sweet seats we had though!  The wheelchair section was pretty awesome and we had a perfect view!  Badass.

Highlights of the evening included:

  • Seeing Korn.  I mean, as I said I love Korn and I wanted to see them live forever!  When Jonathan Davis started growling I just sat there all stunned for the first couple of minutes.  Master Pravus thought something was wrong, but I was just shocked to actually be there.  I lost my shit when he pulled out the bagpipes about halfway in.  I was so shocked I kind of forgot that could happen!  I was just so excited and blown away, it was amazing.
  • Being asked by the usher if we were there for the “Headliner” or for “Korn!”  HA HA HA!  It was so funny because while there were a lot of people there for Slipknot, there were also a lot of people there just for Korn.  Most of the people we were chatting with said they were there just for Korn.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with Slipknot.  Their music is okay, but their show was all about the stage, not them.  Most of them barely moved and while the stage had a lot of nifty lights and fire, I like to watch people move around.  Just my preference.)
  • Having a nice young man in a mask ask me if I dropped a hat, and then having that hat be Master Pravus’.  It was just so funny because he didn’t look like the polite sort, but he really was.
  • Being given a guitar pick and at first thinking it was a blunt, so trying to turn it down.  In my defense, it was dark and I could barely hear.  LOL.
  • Watching all three bands.  I mean, we were there for Korn, but the whole show was fun.  We didn’t miss any of Korn, but we took a bathroom break in the middle of the opening act (who I felt bad for, because honestly, less than a fifth of the seats were full while they were performing) and in the middle of Slipknot.
  • Making our own mini mosh pit.  I obviously can’t mosh right now, but Master Pravus kept turning to me and punching me randomly, and I would push him back a little bit.  Nothing crazy, he didn’t get the least bit sore.  I, on the other hand, am pleasantly sore today.
concert 1

I went to bed last night, and woke up around 3AM so dizzy and feeling awful.  I didn’t have a drop of liquor (water only) at the concert so I was sort of annoyed.  Yeah, I know it was my POTS, but it’s like..  If I’m going to be up all night at a concert and then wake up dizzy, you kind of want it to be because you’re hung over.  Oh well, though.  I survived.

This morning, I panicked a bit.  I heard the door opening and Master Pravus coming in when I was dead asleep and I just panicked that he lost his job again or something.  I know how stupid that sounds, but he was only at work for two days so coming home that early did panic me a bit.  Master Pravus said not to worry, it was just snowing bad out and he was the only one at work so they sent him home to work remotely.  Nice.  Once I finished with my shower, I saw him in the side room doing remote work and listening to Korn.  Perfect.

<3 <3 <3

4 thoughts on “Surprise Concert

  1. Sounds amazing! Sir got me tickets to see my favorite band last year (which he graciously suffered through). I know how much it can mean to a person. I’m so glad it was a good experience for you, even if you were drained the next day.

    1. Thanks @sublea It was completely amazing! I’m pretty lucky that Master Pravus also likes Korn (not his very favorite band, but he does enjoy them) so he wasn’t too tortured. =^^= We both hope Korn comes through again. They probably will. He he.

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