Turtles and Starfish


The new house has a lot of smooth flooring.  As I still have to wear compression stockings every single day, this creates a bit of problem if I’m in a hurry.  Last week I was putting away laundry while Master Pravus was outside shoveling, and of course, I slipped and fell flat on my back.  I had a hard time walking for a couple days, and my POTS was out of control, but I’m totally back to normal now, with only minor back twinges (which I really don’t give a damn about.  I’m fine.  Seriously.)

Of course, afraid that I might slip and fall again (and next time, might seriously hurt myself or break a bone or something) Master Pravus picked up two packages of anti-slip starfish and turtle stickers.  These are like the kind that go in the bathroom.  Not that they will fix everything, and there’s always a chance I could slip or hurt myself anyway, but they’re kind of cute, no?  They start at the beginning on the bedroom and lead over to the side of the bed I sleep in.  At first I was kind of humiliated and mortified by it but, you know, they’re not so bad.  In fact, just because I’m completely ridiculous I tend to put my foot down completely on each little sticker on my way to bed now as I follow the trail, so I suppose the stickers work.

Kitty: 0

Master: 1

8 thoughts on “Turtles and Starfish

  1. You could also go for cute socks with textured bottoms. They even have them kitties ;).

    I also saw on Pinterest where someone used hot glue to make them from regular socks. I think I have it saved I will look later.


    But I am happy to hear you are feeling better.

  2. These are cute! We also have smooth flooring. We installed bamboo flooring thoughout our unit, when we bought it (I hate carpet). The slipperiness has gone down over time. But we are using large area rugs with stuff underneath them, so they stick to the floor. You need the slip protection under the rugs to prevent them from sliding. But maybe a hallway rug, a few area rugs with the anti-slip stuff underneath can solve your problem? You can pick up the anti-slip mats for under the rugs at hardware stores.
    Rugs always go on sale. We had a few falls when we first put the floor down, the rugs and anti-slip mats underneath are life savers!

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