Such a Thrill!

We were shopping for more furniture to get the house all set up when we decided to have lunch.  As we were sitting there, eating our green beans and sandwiches Master noticed an Advent calendar.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, they vary a bit.  Master always had a chocolate one growing up.  The calendar can vary, I have seen some that are wooden and reusable, some are made from fabric, and some are cardboard and disposable. 

Master Pravus always had the disposable kind with chocolate in it.  You use it to count down the time until Santa arrives.  Every day you wake up and you open a drawer, or a pocket, or punch a hole in the cardboard and there’s usually a small treat or a present in there.  They aren’t always food treats and they don’t always even have presents.  He was recalling how, as a kid it was fun to wake up in December and count down the days to X-Mas with a new treat.

I said that did sound like fun.  I didn’t have that though, growing up.


“Well, we had an Advent calendar, but it was made from fabric and hung up on the wall.  On each day there was a little pocket and you moved a small stuffed animal mouse over to the next day.  It was fun moving the mouse around, but there was no chocolate.  Also, because I was the youngest in the house I never got to move Mr. Mousie because my brothers who had to be up for school before me would move him.  But he was still cute though, and I loved watching him ‘hop’ from one day to the next.”

“So you never had a chocolate Advent calendar ever?  Are you shitting me?”

“Nope.  No chocolate Advent calendar.”

And he flew into sort of a Masterly rage and picked two up.


It was almost funny how mad he was.  I was completely calm as a cucumber, just eating my lunch and he was so pissed that I’d never had this experience.

“I like this one, Master.”


“That’s the one you’ll get then, Kitty.”

He bought the Advent calendar immediately.

“You’ll see, Kitty.  It’s such a thrill waking up every single day, and you get a new piece of chocolate!  You had the worst parents ever, I can’t believe you never had a chocolate Advent calendar!”

“A thrill?” I teased him a little.

“It is!  You’ll see!”  He was beside himself with the indignity of me never having had this experience.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Alright, let’s see how it goes.  Come at me, December!  I’m always up for a thrill.

20 thoughts on “Such a Thrill!

  1. That is adorable. I am over giggling to myself.

    I quit believing in Santa by the time I was fivish. I mean I still got excited but I never really believed or anything. Luckily my peers were gullible enough for their parents to cover it up.

    I seem remembering having one but it was nativity scene and the angle moved.

  2. i love Advent Calendars! Ours never had chocolate either. Ours just had pretty pictures behind each window! Now we have the kind that you move the snowman’s mitten! It’s fun! i could only dream of having one with chocolate candies on each day…. **soft sigh**

    You’re a very lucky kitty! =)

  3. :O I am horrified you never had a chocolate advent calendar! I used to have one at Mum’s and one at Dad’s so I got 2 lots of chocolates! Oh I do hope you love having a chocolate advent calendar like I did!

      1. The day after I read this, a charity I donated to in the past sent me my first ever advent calendar. It’s got stickers for each day, and every sticker is an ornament you decide where to hang on a tree. Sir and I hooked it up and I’m actually having corny fun with it!

    1. @jadescastle Thanks! 🙂 We had a good Xmas I hope yours was nice too. I really need to update here but I came down with the flu and it has been difficult. Master is going out tonight for a little bit so with luck I get to do a little update shortly. 🙂

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