Last Minute Touches

On our wedding anniversary, Master Pravus gave me some awesome earrings.  They are giant studs and they’re super sparkly.  I’d been wearing them everywhere, but as earrings are an “extra” I had packed them during the move and I still have yet to unpack them.  I bought a pair of leggings lately though which arrived with some cute heart studs.  I’d worn the studs on and off, but not on a particular schedule or anything.  I also unpacked some stick on earrings, which I wore once since we moved here.  Just whenever the earring mood took me, I guess.

Then last week we were going out somewhere (I don’t recall where), and Master Pravus told me to get dressed up all cute.  So, I put on my cute new skirt and a tee shirt he likes, as well as my favorite black boots.  I was literally heading towards the door (we were in a hurry) when he picked up the stick on earrings, and he said:

“Either these, or the new heart studs.”

I was surprised because I often take for granted how much those “little touches” can really make Master Pravus happy.  Earrings are still not a requirement for me (well, yet), but I sort of blushed and asked him if there was a pair he’d prefer.

“Heart studs it is, then.”

I dashed off to put my heart studs in.  All day long he kept fingering my ears where the earrings were.


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Touches

  1. That is so sweet! My Master notices small details, too, like when i change my earrings. She isn’t so interested in choosing, most of the time, but it’s nice to be so noticed that nothing gets by them ,right? 🙂

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