The last few weeks have been mixed.  For one, it’s a lot harder to blog when Master Pravus is home because when he is home, the focus is on him.  Of course when he’s not home, the focus is on him as well, but I’m more on auto-pilot then (for the most part) and I know what needs to get done before he gets home.  With Master Pravus home, while we would both like to have me blog more, it’s not always as possible.  But, I’m here and I’m okay.

Today is New Year’s Eve, and it has us in a bizarre mix of hope and dread.  We try to focus on the positive a lot, but you can’t help but be swallowed up by the fear of the unknown sometimes.  Even if we both are pretty sure things are going to work out, it’s still going to be scary until Master Pravus finds a job again.  I guess that’s only human.

The days have been filled with work.  Master Pravus spends all day Monday to Friday looking for work and then we have been relaxing at night.  I’ve been working on the Mewtique and still have a bit to do in order to get things all restocked.  Not a bad problem to have, and I’m working on it.  New items too!

We were able to qualify for food stamps as well as unemployment, which is great.  We are feeling a bit less squeezed knowing we’ll be okay for a while.  Master Pravus even managed to find a little part time gig as a blackjack dealer for charity events.  He looks real cute with a bow tie.  =^.~=

About a week before Xmas we finally got up our Xmas decorations.  The picture you see above has the ornament we got this year, Master Pravus bought it back in October.  He chose a skull, and we got all our purple baubles  from last year up too.  They’re really pretty.


The tree (we have a fake tree) is getting kind of small.  It was hard getting all the ornaments on it this year.  We might need to upgrade in a year or two.  Styx has taken a liking to some of the smaller baubles on the bottom of the tree.  We had two casualties of kitty, and had to remodel the tree a little bit.  With Serenade, we expected that, but Styx is kind of a lazy kitty and we almost never see her attacking anything.  Cute.

Xmas wasn’t as nice as we would have liked, but we didn’t spend it in the dark with no food.  =^.~=  On the contrary, Master Pravus had chosen a little salmon steak for me and we had a small turkey for him.  We bought a little bit of cheese and crackers and were planning to make merry.  Unfortunately, I woke up on Xmas with a fever.  Yep, Merry Flu-mas to me.  I was so super sick.  I had zero desire to eat, and Master Pravus and me saved the food for another day.  Luckily, none of it is stuff that goes bad quickly.  It’s a week later, and I’m still a little bit sick but not super bad or anything.  I’m drinking green tea in an effort to stay awake enough to be awake for Master Pravus at midnight!  It’s tradition.  Though, the few times I don’t make it he always wakes me up at about ten minutes of.

Unpacking is getting done quicker than before.  There’s only about three unopened boxes left.  Once we get all of the boxes unpacked there’s not a lot of organizing left for us to do.  We’re getting there slow, but sure.

We’re doing okay over here, as well as can be expected really.  Master Pravus does have a couple job prospects, but he has been told that he won’t be hearing anything until after the first week in January or so because no one is hiring over the holidays.  Still, at least that gives us a bit of hope, too.

2 thoughts on “Hold

  1. I’ve been missing your posts and been a little worried knowing all the trouble you’re having lately. So glad you updated (but I confess, I did go check tumblr and twitter just to make sure you guys were still kicking). I’ve experienced similar stuff, and my gut is all twisted in knots for you two. Just wanted to let you know that I’m cheering you on from my lurking chair and wishing you both tons of luck.

    1. Thanks @raainwitch. We’re definitely going back and fourth between terrified and “it’s gonna be fine” over here. We try to stay positive but it’s still scary, for sure.

      I appreciate your cheering. It really does help. 🙂

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