Happy New Year 2015

Last year wasn’t my favorite year by any means.  It started off with illness, and my anemia was a serious issue for almost the first half of the year as well.

I did get to go to my very first military supply store ever though, which I will never forget.

We also got to go to Sin in the City and even stay a few extra days afterwards.

Master cleared out the bottom of one of our closets, for use as a makeshift cage for me.

We were visited in April by my Mother in Law which lead to a worsening of my anemia and my potassium crashing.  Terrifying.

Two birthdays were had, one by each of us.

Apple Pig oversaw my Ablation.

About a month after my surgery I began to be a bit more active, and we finally started seeing my anemia go away.

In July, we finally figured out a place to put my kitty bed.

We made the decision to buy a house, and were hoping it was going to be our last moveWe found a house, but it wasn’t exactly what we had in mind.

Unfortunately, before we managed to get moved into our new “starter” home, Master lost his job.

Not long after that, the house was broken into.

We got security systems up and started settling into the house when Master found a job!  Finally, our luck was turning around!

As a surprise, Master got me tickets to see KoRn to celebrate his new job.

Styx became the newest member of our little family.

And then, as things were looking up, we got hit with another massive blow.

This year was beyond difficult for a lot of reasons, and I have been distant here, in part because of the struggle and in part because Master is home with me more often and as I have mentioned, that does give me less time to update.  Still, I’m hoping to be able to update more in the new year.  I’m also hoping that, even though I’m sure that next year won’t be absolutely perfect, that it is much better than this year was.  I hope that Master finds a job he loves, and that my health improves.

To anyone and everyone reading this right now, I wish those things for you too.  I hope and dream that for all of us that 2015 is full of love, joy, and giggles.

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