New Rule: Earrings

Kind of funny to be writing this post, about a month after writing this post.  A few days ago, Master Pravus told me that he wants me to always wear a pair of earrings each day.  He does not expect me to wear them to bed, but he said he plans to check and make sure I am wearing them every day at breakfast.  I was somewhat surprised, but not too surprised.  He has been having me wear earrings a lot, so I figure they are something he likes seeing me in now. 

I really don’t own many pairs, and until we finish up the unpacking (we’re about ninety percent done) I just have the one pair, but that’s all I need.  I only have my lobes done.  He told me that if for some reason an earring broke, or something happened where I could not wear a pair of real earrings, stick on ones were fine, but that from now on I must wear a pair daily.

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