4 AM

We couldn’t sleep.  I don’t know if it is the stress or what, but we’ve been having trouble sleeping more lately than we ever have before.  I’ve had problems with insomnia since my teen years, but Master Pravus has never been prone to such things.  I’m not saying he’s never had a sleepless night, I’m just saying they are rare unpleasantries for him.

I do my best to be still, and to be silent.  I don’t want to disturb any sleep Master Pravus might or might not be in the middle of getting.

The other night, as I laid in bed, I felt Master Pravus roll over and put his arm around me.  His big, strong arms.

“Is Kitty awake?” He asked me.

“Kitty is awake Master…”  I paused.  I rolled into him as tightly as I could, feeling my hips against his as he spooned me.

“What’s wrong, Kitty?  Can’t sleep?”

“Kitty can’t sleep, Master.  Kitty doesn’t want Master to leave.”  I pleaded with my body for him to not roll back over.

“Master isn’t going anywhere,” he told me.  He covered my mouth and nose with his hands.

4AM might be my new favorite time.

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