I’ve seen it in all sorts of pervy pictures online.  You know, the tied up slave/sub/bottom who has a clothespin hanging off the end of their tongue.  They always look so miserable. (Inside they’re probably feeling pretty fabulous!)  Their faces have this look of “Oh god, I am humiliated and just in so much pain and please Master/Mistress/Top/Whoever just remove this now, okay?  I swear I could just deal with the bondage if you take this clothespin off my tongue!”  As someone who enjoys pain quite a bit, I admit this appealed to me in a lot of ways. 

I thought it would be marginally humiliating, but mostly, it just looks inconvenient because it would likely be hard to swallow and you’d have a lot more drool than some other gags which let you swallow a bit.  I never really mentioned it to Master since we have a lot of fun gags already and I figured if it was something he wanted to try, we would at some point.  While I was interested, it wasn’t something I was dying for, or was at the tippity top of my list.  Just something I thought about in passing, really.

“Hmm, I wonder how it would be if Master clothes-pinned my tongue.”

Master has decided recently that he wanted to make a zipper.  I have never used a zipper before, but, with my love of clothespins, they always looked so intense and fun and I figured that would be something we would get to as well.  Master and me have both discussed these, but, the right time hadn’t come yet I suppose.

Every night, we make sure to have some sort of “quiet” time.  This is time outside of play or chores or work, etc.  It’s just some time to sit quietly and watch a movie or read a book.  Well, Master put me in my kitty bed and let me crochet while we put something on to watch.  It was quiet.  Then, he took out the big huge bucket (god, we have so many) of clothespins and he started making a zipper.  I’m sad to say we have yet to use said zipper, but I know we will soon.  Master won’t let his arts and crafts time go to waste, I’m sure.  The T.V. show we were watching ended and it was almost (but not quite) time for bed.  I put my crocheting away and I rolled on my back in my kitty nest, just being a bit playful.

“Open your mouth, Kitty.”

So, of course I did.  It was late, and I wasn’t sure why Master wanted me to open my mouth.  I vaguely thought that maybe he was going to put one of those chocolate coins I still had left over from Xmas in.  Nope, he took one of the clothespins out of the box, and he just clamped it down on my tongue, as far back as it would allow.

“Oh, is that what that feels like!” I thought in my head.

I started giggling and I could not stop.  I waggled the pin back and fourth in my mouth somewhat lazily, as I lay there on my back.  Master started laughing too.  He said watching me play with it was the funniest thing he had seen in a while.  I’m not saying it didn’t hurt, it definitely did, but it was way less painful than I had imagined.  It felt sharp upon removal, which is not my general feeling with clothespins on pretty much any other body part I have (I would describe that sensation as more of a burn), but I did really like it.

“How did you like that?” Master asked me after he took it off my tongue.  I just started to laugh again.

“I guess you liked it.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Well, we’ll need to do that more often, then.”


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