Doofy Grin

It’s a flaw, or maybe it’s a perk.  I don’t know.  I don’t do it most of the time, but every time I do something new with Master Pravus (or a play partner), I get this really doofy grin on my face.  I couldn’t stop smiling if my life depended on it.

The other day Master Pravus decided to show me a different way to present him with his tea.  I kneeled down and presented it as I normally do. He handed it back to me and told me he wanted me to do it a new way, with the handle facing him directly, instead of with the handle out to the right.  I brightened up like crazy and my doofy grin came out.

Presenting the tea to him in this new way later, there was no weird smile.  It doesn’t repeat when I do something I’ve been taught recently, only while I’m being taught said new thing.  It’s somewhat of an embarrassment to me, because people will sometimes point it out when we play with new people or in public.

“Hey, you know you get this doofy grin on your face, sometimes.”

Yep.  I do.

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