It has been about ten days since Master Pravus told me that earrings were required wear for me each day.  In that time, I admit I had to be reminded to wear them twice or so.  New habits can be hard to form, especially when they are for things that you aren’t used to.  I haven’t needed reminding in five or six days at least, mainly because I try to remember how happy Master Pravus is about the earrings and that usually reminds me to wear them.  Though, there have been a couple of close calls where I nearly forgot to put them in before Master checked to be sure I had them in.  Mornings are hard for me.  I still need to remember, though.  Still, close calls are not failures.  I’m slowly developing the habit and I am sure it’ll become second nature soon.  I’m sure there will come a time when I eventually think to myself that I can’t remember ever going without earrings.

Kind of funny though, sometimes I have to wear my stick-on earrings, and there have been a couple of times that Master Pravus and me will find them randomly stuck to things throughout the house.  They usually stick most of the day, but at the end of the day if I snuggle in my kitty nest with them still on, sometimes one will get stuck on a plushie or blanket without me noticing.  They’ll also get stuck in the bed if I still have them on before bed time.

Physically I sometimes have problems getting them on and off.  I hate sleeping with them in (because I’m scared I’ll lose one in the bed) so I take them off before bed.  If I’m having an issue though, Master Pravus is always happy to help if I ask, though.  He likes dressing me up.

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