Girdle and Compression DIY


I haven’t been wearing my girdle or compression garments in a while, mainly because I haven’t been well enough to really wear a skirt or a dress most days.  How embarrassing would it be if I were out in public and collapsed in some vulgar position because I was in a skirt?  At least with pants on I won’t flash anyone if I go down.  Heh.

I had kind of put compression garments out of my mind, because I figured when I wore a skirt next I’d wear them.  Thing is, they really do help the POTS though.  Last week Master Pravus and me had to go to the fabric store because we needed to pick up something for the Mewtique.  I was working on cam that day when out of nowhere I just had a crazy idea.

When Master got home, I told him my idea and he said that it was brilliant.  Score one for Kitty.  We bought some soft elastic and when we got home, Master Pravus pinned the elastic on me while I wore the compression.  The idea was to sew two elastic straps (kind of similar to a strap on harness) that wrapped around from the front of my legs to the back, without going over my crotch in any way.  It worked perfectly!  I wore the shirt all day with a pair of yoga pants and I was able to remain upright more without having to worry about a shirt rolling up or stocking clips unclipping or stockings tearing.  It was much simpler than wearing stockings and we both liked it a lot.

This isn’t to say I’ll be DIYing my girdle.  Nope.  That thing is gorgeous, (Hell, it is practically art!) and on days when I am in a dress it will definitely come in handy and hold up my stockings.  This is a much better solution for day to day stuff, though.  I love it.

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