easter eggs

Here’s this year’s crop of Easter eggs.  Some of them are kind of hard to read, but there was one that was decorated like a mouse, and part of Master’s “Master” egg kind of got rubbed off.  Styx was happy with her egg, but then she’s pretty easy to please.

I had a sort of rough Easter weekend.  Saturday I just felt awful, and Sunday I only perked up after three cups of green tea.  Still, once I got a little energy things went smoothly.  I woke up on Easter to a basket from the Easter Bunny.  In it, I got a pony (ha!), several chocolate eggs with crème in them (not Cadbury), a standup Tinkerbell to color, and a solid chocolate bunny.

easter pig

Out in the front room, I noticed a knocked-over basket on the ground.  Applepig informed me that there was a new pig in town, called “Bit” who was up all night trashing the basket that the Easter Pig brought me!  Woe and shame!  I was informed by Master Pravus, that the eggs that were initially in the basket were hidden by my plushies in the night to keep Bit from eating them all!  We’ve got to get this new pig under control.  In the meantime, though, he’s pretty much just too cute.

I had fun running around the front room searching for eggs.  I got a My Little Pony figure, four Cadbury eggs, some tiny Lego figurines, more of those chocolate crème eggs that the Easter Bunny brought me, and stickers.  Talk about a haul!

It was a nice day together.  We mainly spent the day just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.  As I mentioned, I wasn’t full of energy so it was kind of low key.

shoes 2

After our early big dinner, we went out to the local grocery store to pick up an ingredient for a lighter meal later that night.  I asked Master Pravus if I could try wearing my heels out.  These shoes have a chunky heel, so it’s not like trying to wear a stiletto.  We’ve been working very hard on getting my foot strength back after that break three years ago.  We’ve been working on me wearing both normal and ballet heels on and off (they are both completely different) ever since, and it hasn’t been easy. 

In fact, the last time I wore these particular shoes I subluxed my toe despite only going out to dinner.  So basically, all I did was leave house enter car, sit, eat, go back in car, walk back to house) and I still subluxed the damned thing.  Every sublux is a minimum six months until I can wear heels again, so it’s always a risk when trying again.

Master Pravus thought this would be a good test, so on my cute little shoes went.  We went down to the grocery store, and I walked without any problems in the store.  I mean, my knee was being a problem, but, I have a lot of knee issues so I guess that’s to be expected too.  We went back to the car, and guess what?  No sublux!  The exercises are working!

Unfortunately, the car wouldn’t start, so we were stuck there for a while waiting for someone to jump us.  We were stuck long enough that I had to run back in to take a piss (which I guess doesn’t mean anything at all since I piss every nine seconds), and despite the extra run into the store…  Still no sublux!  Woo hoo! 

Master Pravus thinks that a few short jaunts like this here and there are a good idea.  For now, nothing too lengthy because we don’t want to undo all the hard work we’ve been putting in.  Still, it made me so proud and happy.  I’m making progress!  My adorable little heels will get use once more!  It won’t be long now (hopefully) before I’m in cuter heels.

choco bunny

The car has us both mildly concerned.  This is the second jump the car has needed in a week’s time so we’re taking it to get looked at today.  We’re both hoping it is just the battery, but you never know because the car has been out of warranty for a little while now, and once that happens, everything slowly dies we’ve found.  We’ll see.  Fingers crossed for Bettie.

Overall Easter was a good, relaxing day for us both.  I’ll be reliving it for quite a bit, I’m guessing with that chocolate bunny!  =^^=

EDITED TO ADD:  Master Pravus just called me on his way home, and the car problem is just the battery.  WHEW!  So glad it wasn’t something more serious.

4 thoughts on “Easter!

  1. Yay for Easter candy and being able to wear your cute shoes! i love how you both celebrate the accomplishments and focus on that instead of getting/staying overwhelmed. That dark chocolate bunny looks yummy.

    1. @jadescastle Thanks! Yeah, I’d be so depressed if I didn’t focus on the little accomplishments and the things I CAN do as opposed to the things I wish I could do. 🙂 The shoes are a minor thing, but a big deal to me.

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