No Stick

I try not to let this many days lapse between my last blog post.  This past week has been both wonderful and awful at the same time, but overall it could have definitely been worse.  Last week we increased my medicine for my POTS again, so I started to feel much better.  (Only two more increases and I’m at the proper dose!!)  Monday and Tuesday were amazing.  I felt exactly like my old self.  I woke up, fixed my meals, and I got on cam.  After cam, I washed and put away laundry and ran dishes and prepared dinner while I waited for Master to come home.  I had a ton of energy and it was so amazing.  I felt so happy about it.

Wednesday didn’t go so well.  I caught a stomach bug and it was really bad.  The doctor phoned in a couple of prescriptions for me, but they didn’t help enough.  I even drank a liter of Pedialyte and I still was dehydrated like crazy.  Not okay.  The doc said to go to an Urgent Care to get a saline IV to help rehydrate me. 

Of course, we called the Urgent Care ahead of time to make sure that they did IVs and when we showed up they told us they didn’t like doing IVs and they wouldn’t even sign me in or look at me.  So basically, we drove all the way down there for nothing.  They (of course) told me to go to the ER.  At that point it was getting late in the day and Master can’t miss work right now because he’s still on contract, so we had to go home.  It was a rough night for me though.

Yesterday I was improving, but not quickly enough, so Master called another Urgent Care and they said they happily would do an IV for me.  They were kind of a thirty minute drive though.  So, we drove down and they got me set up in a room.  They were really nice and happy to see me.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a vein.  🙁  I was in the ER the week prior and they kind of wrecked my veins.  I’m covered in bruises still.  They even had a special tool that lets you look under the skin to see if there’s any veins there, but they couldn’t find one.  Unfortunately, despite trying, they too told me to go to the ER.

Master and me decided to go home instead of the ER, because I was improving (even if slowly), and it wasn’t life or death.  It would just make me better pretty much instantly, because being dehydrated makes POTS ten times worse.  Still, we hate the ER and we only go if it’s completely unavoidable.

So, today I’m drinking more Pedialyte and water, and Propel, and just trying to get my hydration up.  There’s no other option if I don’t improve on my own and we may wind up in the ER again.  I am getting better, even if slowly though, so we’re just going to try riding this out for now.  Ugh.  I hate when crap like this happens.  I was just feeling so amazing Monday and Tuesday that being this sick again is just depressing.  I’ll survive though.

4 thoughts on “No Stick

  1. So… here’s what Kerpy says when you’re sick “I don’t like it!!!”. There’s really no comforting him when Miss Kitty isn’t well. SO!! You have to get better because our little fella doesn’t LIKE it, OK? No one else likes it either but he really doesn’t like it! We love you, please get better! Hugs, smooches, more hugs, more smooches. <3

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