Pile of Pins

Sometimes when we play, Master Pravus has a plan set in mind.  Other times, he just looks around at the equipment nearby, or just comes up with ideas as he goes.  I think this particular session was one of those where he looks around at nearby equipment and gets “eViL” plans.  He he.

Most of the bondage gear and toys are actually in the room I do my cam stuff in.  We have a couple of things in the bedroom though, and one of them is a giant bucket of clothespins.  I don’t really pay attention to exact amounts of clothespins he’s putting on me, unless he tells me to count out loud or something like that, and in this case he didn’t.


He did put quite a few on though, and I really liked it.  It took him a while and the longer it went on, the more I could tell that he was just trying to see how many he could fit.  Right on my nipples were (AFF) two clover clamps, which added a nice zing.  Some of the clamps we own have a nice bite (for example, the jewel toned round ones like the yellow, green and magenta), and the wooden ones have more of a medium bite. 

Those medium blue ones you see that look almost like plyers have the least amount of bite of all our clamps, but they need a lot less space next to them, so you can fit more on.  Plus, we just don’t have a whole lot of those jewel toned ones.  We bought a set of them one week, and then we liked them so much that we bought the last set we could find in the store the following week.


I could tell Master Pravus was proud of this session in particular because he started taking shots with his phone, even after the clothespins were removed.  I like when he’s that excited about what we’re doing that he can’t help but take a million pics.  =^^=

“Do you know how many there are?” he asked me.

I didn’t know.  I never know.  When we were completely done playing, and he took off the clamps, he counted them: thirty-eight.


“Just look at that pile!  That is so hot!” he told me.  It’s true, it was kind of a big pile.

I was wearing my camo crop top, and I continued to wear it for the rest of the night (it’s his favorite).  As I was changing out of it to get into bed, Master Pravus gasped.

“You still have some seriously bite marks!”

And it’s true, I did.  I wasn’t sure if they would be gone by the next day, so I could cam.  Luckily, they had faded enough for me to work the next day (only really dark marks show up on cam), but even as I type this (three days later) I have a couple light pink outlines on my tits.  Very hot, indeed.

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