Tongue Piercing!

Master Pravus and me have been talking for a little bit about my birthday because it’s coming up.  He asked me if there was a piercing I wanted, and I listed several.  (I do have a lot in mind, but I’m in no rush to get any of them).  There’s a bunch that he wants me to have too, so I think he was curious if we were on the same page with any of them.  The final decision is always Master Pravus’s, but when it’s a very special day (like my birthday) he will ask if there’s anything I had in mind, sometimes. 

At first we were going to get my nipple pierced (we’re going to re-do them both eventually, but we’re going to do them one at a time so that there is always one free nipple to play with), but nipples take a very long time to heal (anywhere from six months to two years), and I am on medicine which represses my immune system and thus makes healing take twice as long in most cases.  So, that idea was shelved and Master Pravus decided he was going to go ahead and pierce my tongue, but we hadn’t decided on where we wanted to go yet.

Before moving to Colorado, I had one go-to piercing shop that I got all my piercings done.  Since moving to Colorado, I’ve been less than impressed with the two places I’ve gone two.  I mean, they were both good experiences, but one place had an “icky” vibe and I didn’t like it there, while the other place had someone who was decent at what she does, but very firm that there is “ONLY ONE TYPE AND SIZE OF JEWELLRY FOR ANY PIERCING EVER,” which is kind of ridiculous because there are actually a lot of factors that play into what size piercing you should get.  Location, anatomy, piercing itself, yadda yadda.  I mean, I’d go back, but only if I was intending to get her “one twue” piercing size.  Ha!

Anyway, last Saturday we were out doing a couple errands and we happened to be in the middle of Denver when I got the shakes and started getting really hungry.  Master Pravus opted to go to lunch at a little nearby place we had never been before.

Since Master Pravus is on-call right now,  it can make these things kind of difficult.  The damned on-call phone rings constantly, and we not only have to bring the laptop everywhere we go, but it gets quite a bit of use, too.  He ordered my lunch (which was pizza), and he ordered himself a burger, and we chatted.  We were looking online at the same time for piercing shops that were highly rated.  We found one, and it was actually not too far so Master Pravus said we should stop by after lunch and just look around.  Maybe even get my piercing early.

Of course, by that time Master’s pager started going off, and he had to run outside and get his laptop which was sitting in the car really close by.  I sat there and waited, kind of stewing over the prospect of getting my piercing early.  Piercings are a huge deal to us both, and they generally come with a fabulous dinner prior to celebrate the pretty new body mod.  Not only that, but if I got my piercing that day, I wouldn’t be able to go out for my birthday dinner.  I’ve had my tongue pierced before, so I know it’s liquid and soft foods until the bar gets sized down. 

Still, if Master wanted to do it early, I wasn’t going to argue.  I was just thrown off.  I’m very plan-oriented, and I was looking forward to getting it done after my dinner.  I also knew if I got the piercing done the next day (which was Master’s birthday) I wouldn’t be able to eat much at his dinner.  But, again, I didn’t argue.  I was just muddling all these things over in my head while he was out getting his laptop.


Lunch arrived, and Master Pravus was still out at the car.  I sat there and waited quietly sipping my tea.  He didn’t come back for about another ten minutes and when he did he told me he was very proud of me for waiting and not taking a bite out of my food without him.  =^^=  I got nose rubs and it made me very happy.


I ate quietly while Master was on the phone fixing whatever issue at whatever hospital.  When he finished we got my leftovers to go and headed down to the piercing shop.

Master and me both liked the vibe immediately when we walked in there.  It was welcoming, and friendly, and just what I was used to before the move.  He asked about pricing and then asked if I was ready to get my new piercing.  I agreed.

First things first, they asked how old I am.  I always forget.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but I just don’t think about it that much, and I always assume I look old enough to be places.  There was this big pause while I squirmed a bit trying to remember, and then everyone laughed and said I had to be joking!  LOL!  I know I look young.  I always get extra forgetful about my age when I’m around my birthday, too.  (Doesn’t everyone, though?)

They took me out back after we picked jewelry and the piercing was much easier than before.  The piercer did it with no clamps, which was much more comfortable than the first time, and I didn’t swell up as much.  I bled a little, but nothing too crazy.  Also, the piercer used a labret style bar in my tongue which I like better than the old style with two balls on either end.  This sits a lot more comfortably under your tongue, and I think it’s easier for the healing process when you’re already dealing with all the swelling and having a harder time eating, too.

tongue piercing

Before we got in the car, I had to get a selfie!  I was so excited.  It has been a while since I got pierced.  I love the look of the pretty metal in my mouth and I can’t wait for it to be fully healed!

On the way home we had one last errand to run, and in the parking lot that we needed to park in there was a pop-up carnival.  I had never seen one of those.  It was free to enter, but you had to buy tickets for rides.  Master let me go on the Ferris Wheel with him, which I was excited about.  I don’t usually like thrill rides, but the Ferris Wheel is easy and gentle enough.

roller coaster

We got in the car, and we got a selfie while were waiting for the thing to start moving.  I have never had an issue with Ferris Wheels before, but I was completely freaking out when it started to move!  It was so rickety, and it made the worst noises ever!  Master Pravus just kept trying to distract me until we were off.  I didn’t like it at all.  I’m thinking it was probably just this pop-up one.  I mean, if we were at Disney Land I’m sure it’d be a little less rickety and noisy.  Probably.

Of course, the next day at breakfast (for Master’s birthday), I had juice and milk.  Ha.  It was a completely liquid day.  Master had a great time though, and so did I.  It hasn’t been a whole week yet, and I’m getting in more solid foods so I’m happy with how this is progressing.  🙂

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