Master has always had a fascination with ancient Rome, and sees himself as somewhat of an Emperor of the house.  He does, in fact have his own toga, though I admit it rarely comes out.  Still, it’s always in his closet for toga emergencies.  You know the kind, I’m sure.

Master gives me a small allowance each month.  While I get an allowance, I still have to get approval on the things I buy, unless they are birthday or holiday presents for him (he doesn’t want to know ahead what his surprises will be).  This month I asked Master if I could buy enough fabric to make myself a toga.  I only just realized that I didn’t have one.  Master has one, of course, but it felt like something I should have too.  I thought seeing me in a toga would be something that would be a turn on to him.  While it is true that women in ancient Rome wore the stola, sex workers did wear the toga, and since I sell home made clips, it seemed more fitting for me to wear a toga than a stola.

Not only did Master say “Yes,” but he also got excited about it.  We started talking about whether it should be a traditional toga, but then I’d need a tunic, which is slightly more of a pain in the ass because it’d be a little less easy to access my tits.  I wanted to be able to wear the toga and answer the door in it too, so we decided to do sort of our own take on a toga.  (And no bed sheet togas here!)  We talked about colors but in the end we decided to go down to the fabric store and touch fabrics and hold them against my skin to see what looked best.  Master was tortured over whether he wanted me in red or black (his two favorite colors for me).  Those colors aren’t traditional at all, and neither is the fabric we went with: a very soft stretch cotton in bright red.




It isn’t the traditional tie, but it is the proper length as we used four yards (a traditional toga is four to six yards, but I’m short so more than four yards seemed overkill).  So, my toga is a little more realistic than your average bed sheet toga, but it’s not tied the exact same.  Every night after my shower, while we’re relaxing before bed, Master wraps me up in my toga.  He normally does the variation you see above, but he occasionally makes the toga itself shorter and does a long tail draped across my back, which is very sexy, and makes Dongalor chase it with delight!

The very first time he dressed me in the toga, he pointed out that he loved putting it on me.  Dressing me is one of his kinks, but not in a service towards me kind of way.  More in a human dollification kind of way.

Master does, indeed, find my “toga” to be very sexy.  I’ve never worn anything quite so drapey, and I like the feel of the fabric on my skin.  Plus, I feel sexy when I’m in it.  Everyone needs a toga.

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