Now, With Vacuum

I’ve said before that I don’t vacuum, and I’ve also explained why.  It’s nowhere near a hard limit, or even a soft limit, it’s just something Master Pravus has deemed “not worth it” in the past because my wrists sublux so easily.

Funny story, but in the beginning of our relationship, Master Pravus had a much bigger vacuum than the one we have now.  I couldn’t manage the thing, mainly because it was probably thirty pounds and hard to maneuver.  I had asked him if we could buy a smaller one that I could handle, and he said yes.  We went to the local department store, and he told me I could pick.  Every single one I picked though didn’t meet his standards, and we wound up with the slightly less clunky (but still too big for me, sigh) vacuum we own now.  Yes, it has held up for that long.  Not that I blame him, either.  We both have bad allergies, and we had three cats at the time, so he wanted to get a vacuum with a good rating, which totally understand.  A vacuum with a good rating is either going to be too big for me, or it is going to cost way too much, so for years he just did one big vacuum a week, and I did something else while he did that.

This house we bought though?  That’s not really cutting it.  All the floors are smooth, and half of the house is tile.  Using a broom every day was sweeping a lot of stuff in between cracks, and it was one of those things where no matter how much sweeping I did, there was always more to do.  So, I asked Master Pravus again if we could go down to the department store and actually pick up a vacuum I could handle.  He said he’d let me choose my pick of vacuums.

Of course we got down there, and he didn’t like anything I picked up.  He was worried that they wouldn’t do enough of a good job.  I pointed out that they would probably do a better job than the sweeping we were doing, because it would be much faster, and I could do it more frequently.  He didn’t like anything though, so we decided to leave and try another store.  On the way out, we found the perfect thing!  It’s small (basically, it’s a dust buster on a vacuum stick), easy to maneuver and it charges by plugging into the wall!  I tested it out a bit in store to make sure I could handle it, and we brought it home.

I needed to charge it, but since then the vacuum has been my new best friend!  (Okay, next to Applepig!)  Every day, I wake up, shower, and then vacuum the house.  Then, I vacuum the house any time I see a smidgeon of dirt anywhere.  I vacuum when we get home (because we have one floor and we track dirt around coming in, even if you wipe your feet), and I vacuum before bed.  I’m addicted.  Master Pravus is thrilled that he no longer needs to do this chore anymore.  Plus, the house is a lot cleaner being vacuumed so often.  Thing is, whipping out this little vacuum is no big deal at all.

Level 2 DomestiKitty achieved!

6 thoughts on “Now, With Vacuum

  1. Ahh! I’m so happy for you. I suppose it is a little weird being this excited over vacuuming, but it is my FAVORITE chore. There is something about the instant gratification of seeing that dirt GONE in seconds! Hearing it travel through the tubes and watch the collection bin fill up.

    1. @sublea No, it’s not weird, I was excited too! I was sitting here writing this post and I was thinking “what a dumb post” and then “I don’t give a fuck, I’m excited about this!” Lol! =^^=

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